The 15th issue of Global Magazine issues three digital currency articles

On July 24th, the 15th issue of Global magazine issued three articles on digital currency: "China's R&D central bank digital currency for five years", "commercial currency" and "central bank currency", and "cryptocurrency global" test "". Among them, "Commercial Coins" and "Central Bank Coins" are authored by Liu Dongmin, director of the International Finance Research Office of the Institute of World Economics and Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Song Shuang, assistant researcher of the research office. The article stated that the digital stable currency is subject to government supervision. Under the premise, the global commercial ecological construction of stable currency has broad development prospects. The digital stable currency may gradually change the financial ecology of a country and affect the international financial architecture through the reconstruction of cross-border payment system. It is reported that "Global" magazine is the director of Xinhua News Agency and the magazine sponsored by the weekly magazine.