Wu Jun: Blockchain will be a wave, but it is not ready now.

According to Zhenghe Island News, recently, Silicon Valley investor, founding partner of Fengyuan Capital, and Wu Jun, the author of Inspur's Capital, said in an interview that "about 2003, I began to think about the problem of 'waves'. On the wave, no matter what you do or even do, the whole trend can push it far forward and there will be a special competitive advantage. When this wave passes, it will be useless to work harder. It’s not the same as the wave. The vents are falling and gone. Look at China’s decade, there may be more than a dozen or twenty vents. And the 'wave' I said is very big. A wave is usually ten to twenty years, or even longer. Now, I think the blockchain will be a wave, but it is not ready now, it has not been done yet, it will be at least for the next 30 years. Both play a role in changing some of the existing industries."