Mine Pool MATPool announced to be the Platonon Cloud Test Network Baleyworld verification node

Babbitt News, July 24th, the mine pool MATPool officially announced to become the PlatON cloud map verification node, and joined the PlatON cloud map test network Baleyworld ecology. MATPool was officially launched on September 11, 2018. It was created by the Babbitt team and is a new mining product launched by Babbitt after Babbitt information, chain nodes and time stamp capital. Former Facebook early engineer Jin Lei served as project leader and CTO, and Babbitt partner Li Zongcheng became COO of COO. For a long time, Platto Cloud has been committed to becoming a secure “chain” of data, building a scalable computing network with scalable, high-performance and strong privacy protection in the era of Trustless Computing. HashQuark has been launched since April 2008, when the node join plan was launched. IRISnet and others have successively connected to the Platon cloud map network and become the verification node through the campaign. MATPool has successfully become the PlatON cloud map verification node. MATPool will use its technology and capital to promote the construction of the Platon cloud map main network to ensure the stability and security of the blockchain. At the same time, it constantly promotes the ecological construction of cloud maps.