EOSIO Strategic Vision Part 2: EOSIO Tools for Developers

According to MEET.ONE, Block.one today released the EOSIO Strategic Vision Part 2: EOSIO tools for developers to provide developers with the best tools to reduce software deployment friction and optimize the development experience on EOSIO. The paper also proposes eight aspects of optimizing the development experience: 1. Graphical user interface; 2. Optimized universal verification library; 3. Java and Swit versions of EOSIO SDKs; 4. Smart contract testing; 5. EOSIO test network; Scalable document library; 7. Efficient tracking tools; 8. Optimize smart contract functionality. Block.one indicates that the community is working together to build a stable, efficient, and scalable EOSIO blockchain, and its team will continue to provide relevant support and resources.