Zhu Min, Dean of the National Finance Research Institute of Tsinghua University: Should support and encourage payment companies to compete in the digital currency market

According to the Securities Times, on July 25, Zhu Min, dean of the National Finance Research Institute of Tsinghua University and former vice president of the International Monetary Fund, pointed out that Libra’s possible subversion and opportunities pointed out that China’s research on digital currency is at the forefront of the world, electronic The payment sector has advantages. China should support and encourage the development and launch of the central bank's digital currency, encourage and support payment companies to join the challenges and competition for Libra, and build the world's leading payment and digital currency system in China. The “Belt and Road” will Provides huge space. In this process, it is necessary to accelerate the marketization and convertibility of RMB interest rates, and it is also necessary to give priority to the risk prevention of the new system.