Yanbian Financial Office: Be wary of investing in "virtual currency" and "blockchain" as the scorpion of investment and financial scam

According to the Yanzhou News Network, the Yanbian Financial Office reminds the masses that the sky will not fall, and high returns will inevitably be accompanied by high risks. Choose a formal channel to invest in wealth management and protect your money bag! In the case of “investment” and “financial management” projects in one of the following situations, be vigilant: use “seeing advertisements, earning extra money” and “consumer rebates” as the scorpion; investing in overseas equity, options, foreign exchange, precious metals, etc. Investing in the pension industry can be rewarded with high returns or “free” pensions; private equity and partnerships are used as scorpions, but not for industrial and commercial registration; investment “virtual currency”, “blockchain”, etc. For the sake of the scorpion; "helping the poor", "charity" and "mutual help" as the scorpion; advertising on the street and Shangchao; recruiting the elderly by means of organization inspection, tourism, lectures, etc.; "investment" and "financial management" companies, Websites and servers are located outside the country; they are required to pay investment funds in cash or in personal accounts or overseas accounts.