Than the original chain "Bytom DevCon 2 Meetup" in Seattle

At 5:30 on July 24th, US time, "Bytom DevCon 2 Meetup", hosted by TF Blockchain, was held in Seattle. In the round-table discussion about the public chain discussion, more than the original chain technology operations director Zhong Lifei and ArcBlock marketing director Matt McKinney discussed the importance of centralization for the public chain and the advantages and disadvantages of the PoW and PoS consensus algorithms. Zhong Lifei also introduced the "one main multi-side" architecture model pioneered by the original chain Bystack, that is, the Bystack main chain Bytom and Vapor side chain carry out value transmission through the interactive protocol federation.
The event invited many local blockchain entrepreneurs, practitioners and technology enthusiasts to participate. In addition, on July 26th, the original team will also hold Meetup in San Francisco to provide face-to-face technical guidance to US developers who have already signed up for the competition. For details of the development competition, please visit the official website: