Cryptographic short-term speculation VS long-term investment, which is the best investment for you?

When I was young, people called me a speculator. After earning some money, people called me an investment expert, and then I respected me as a banker. Today I am called a philanthropist. But for decades, I have done the same thing from beginning to end.

– Bernard Baruch Before talking about this topic, let's talk about the difference between investment and speculation, because many people have serious misunderstandings about it.

Everyone wants to beautify themselves as investors, not speculators. Because in China, speculation means nothing, even at a certain time, speculators are to be arrested, so everyone talks about the "machine" discoloration, and no one wants to be detained with a big hat of speculation. In fact, speculation is the highest level of investment. The investment is accurate and targeted. The machine is able to adapt quickly to changes in things and to be flexible. Taken together, speculation is the opportunity to seize the essence of rapidly changing things, without any mean.

Real speculators need professional knowledge, a right investment attitude, an effective investment strategy, and essential emotional management. Do you think you are a speculator? In fact, we are not qualified. In the market, investment was considered to be long-term and speculation was short-term. This is a misunderstanding of investment and speculation. Investment is a long-term speculation, and speculation is a short-term investment. I quoted the length in the title to distinguish it mainly in order to meet everyone's taste. The difference between investment and speculation in the eyes of everyone is long-term and short-term. In my eyes, there is no investment and speculation. This is the integration of yin and yang, only long and short, so Just talk about long-term and short-term, and how to choose?

Long and short contrast

This is the current two major factions in the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. I personally insisted on the long-term, and even once contradicted the short-term, and now gradually began to put aside prejudice, realizing that the short-term is "the yang-filling Yin", the long-term is the "yang" Avoiding the yin, the essence is one thing. So I split a small number of positions to do a short cycle, the purpose is to absorb more coins, followed by feeling the market, and find out some of my emotional defects, but the main position is still long-term bitcoin and mainstream.

1, the long line depends on the strength, the short line depends on physical strength. The long-term is not the freedom of the Buddha, long-term investors are suffering in the market fluctuations, and the time is longer. Short-term investors watched the market all day, slamming their heads for more than a dozen hours, and people with bad health could not hold back.

2. The long-term focus is on the selection of coins, and the short-term is on the timing. The long line must spend a lot of time and energy to study the currency, otherwise a pile of altcoin coins will be brought back to the grave. Short-term must be admitted in the right place and in the right conditions. There are plenty of reasons for admission. Short-term trading is not a few times a day . It is a short-term suicide.

3. The long line uses time to change space, and the short line uses wave to change time. The long-term position is based on the position and time in exchange for a larger profit margin, and the short-term depends on the frequency, winning percentage, and odds in exchange for time advantage.

Which one are you suitable for?

In fact, it is clear that from the technical operation, the short-term difficulty is much higher than the long-term, so the short-term is more suitable for the old drivers with rich investment experience, can manage their emotions, so that their investment decisions are not affected.

However, the reality is that a large number of novice players are keen on short-term, the number of users who favor short-term trading is much higher than the number of long-term trading users, because no one in the impetuous currency circle is willing to get rich, interestingly, in the entire currency In the field of wealthy people, long-term investors are far more than short-term investors, mainly for several reasons;

1, transaction accuracy

Short-term is like a flying knife, which requires extremely high precision. If you lose it, you can hurt yourself. This difficulty in grasping accuracy is more than the imagination of civilians. Long lines are not needed, and time can dilute everything.

2, the shorter the more difficult to predict

For example, what is the weather like tomorrow? If you don't use the weather forecast, it's hard to predict. Will it snow in Beijing after 5 or 6 months? The probability of this prediction being successful is much higher than the previous example. The shorter the short-term, the more random factors there are, and the infinity is close to the coin toss. The longer the term, the higher the certainty.

3. Humanity

The most difficult thing is human nature. Short-term trading needs a brain like wood. When you find that the timing is wrong, you must strictly observe discipline and stop loss immediately. If you win, you must follow the plan and stop the profit in time. This is anti-human and at the same time anti-human. When it comes to human nature, it is necessary to gain insight into the humanity of the market.

I am very admired for those who can win in the short-term field, but I really don't recommend that you use the short-term as your investment strategy. Because the difficulty is too high, you must do what you can. Long-term fixed-bit Bitcoin is the most stable counter-attack of ordinary investors. Bitcoin is the best standard for long-term, Bitcoin is equivalent to the index fund of the currency circle. Bitcoin can be bought more and more because Bitcoin is The only future is determined to rise.

to sum up

The real speculation, such as Zen, is a superior knowledge. If it is not the one who is on the top, the rest are unacceptable. If you don't go to the roots, you don't have a high level of understanding, or go to follow the Pure Land Emperor and honestly read Amitabha (buy Bitcoin). People of different roots learn different methods, and both can achieve success (richness).

Source: Block wave