Ripple sold 251 million U.S. dollars in the second quarter, up nearly 50% from the previous month.

On July 25th, distributed account book company Ripple released a Q2 sales report on Wednesday. It is reported that the company's total XRP sales in the second quarter increased by 48% to $251 million, exceeding the first quarter. $169 million. Institution-based sales increased significantly, from $61.9 million in the first quarter to $107.9 million, an increase of 73%. Planned sales (programmatic sale: Ripple slowly sold through multiple exchanges) still accounted for a large amount, reaching $144.6 million, up from $107 million in the first quarter.


(Screenshot from Ripple Quarterly Report)

Despite the increase in sales, Ripple adjusted its sales plan for the third quarter:

“Ripple plans to adopt a more conservative approach to XRP sales in the third quarter.”

According to the plan, the company will withdraw from certain over-the-counter (OTC) markets and focus on areas that most need liquidity, which may have a negative impact on agency-oriented sales. Similarly, Ripple has set a goal for programmatic sales to drop its transaction volume by 10 basis points.

According to the report, Ripple's global quarterly trading volume decreased by 28% from the previous quarter's $595 million to the second quarter's $429.5 million. In June, Ripple changed its trading volume benchmark, and the company announced that it has partnered with data and index company CryptoCompare to rule out previously exaggerated statistics.

CryptoCompare CEO Charles Hayter said the company is using "granular trading and order data, not total trading volume."

For example, Ripple's global quarterly trading data is close to $1.8 billion, if it doesn't filter "most unverified transaction volume," up 195% from the $599 million in the first quarter. It is unclear whether Ripple will update its report that reflected its new data standards in the previous quarter.

According to the data provided by, the current circulation of Ripplecoin reached 42.833 billion, the total amount is 100 billion, and most of the remaining Ripple coins still belong to Ripple.

In this regard, Ripple did not respond to clarification requests.

The report also pointed out that the platform's token price rose nearly 25% quarter-on-quarter to $0.40 and expanded 12 new exchanges for a total of 130 exchanges.

It is reported that Ripple released a total of 3 billion Swiss rupiah in the second quarter, releasing 900 million rupiah more than originally planned. The more released part is explained by the cooperation between Xpling and RippleNet and MoneyGram.

As previously reported, Ripple purchased $30 million in MoneyGram stock and will develop an international payment solution for the troubled remittance company.

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