Opinion: There are three main reasons behind Polkadot’s crazy China trip.

On July 25th, the vernacular blockchain published an article "Looking at China's "Leek"? The truth behind Polkadot's crazy China trip", the article pointed out that in the last two months, the Polkadot team in Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Shanghai, China Beijing, Chengdu and Chengdu have held sharing sessions, the frequency is quite high, and the core members of the team will be present. The reasons behind this are mainly the following three points: 1. Attracting “believers”; 2. There are a large number of investors in the Chinese market; 3. Pave the way for the second round of financing. (Vernacular Blockchain) More Shallots Note: Polkadot is the blockchain project of Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood. In 2017, the project was auctioned in the Netherlands. Recently, Polkadot completed another 500,000 DOT financing, and will conduct another auction before the main online line.