V God retort "Dr. Doom": Compliance with private financing activities is not impossible

V God retort "Dr. Doom": Compliance with private financing activities is not impossible

Recently, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin (hereinafter referred to as "V God") had a face-to-face exchange with the famous anti-cryptocurrency Nouriel Roubini in the Deconomy blockchain event held in Seoul, South Korea.

During the conversation, Roubini attacked the encrypted digital currency, saying it was inefficient and costly to trade in French currency. In addition, he also criticized the shortcomings of encrypted digital currency and blockchain, such as cyber attacks, fraudulent activities, and trading fraud.

New York University professor Roubini is known in the field of cryptocurrency for his negative view of cryptocurrency. Previously, he criticized Bitcoin and Ark, and predicted that there will be a financial crisis in 2008, so people call it "Dr. Doom." In the Deconomy event, he and V God debated, giving the audience a new perspective on the encryption market.

The two sides debated in a round table entitled "The Basic Value of Encrypting Digital Money and Its Sustainability". Some of the topics discussed in the debate include reviewing resistance, scalability and centralization issues.

V God talked about how the anti-reviewability of encrypted digital currencies will help more people access financial services. He claims that this will give birth to more use cases about dApp. At the same time, Roubini dismissed V God's anti-censorship speech as a pure joke.

Roubini pointed out that the anti-censorship will remain a "myth" because the government has the ability to rule the encrypted digital currency market. He believes that the "anti-censorship capability" of the encryption industry only stays within the scope allowed by the government. In addition, because many regulators have implemented KYC procedures, boycotting censorship and anonymity will not work.

He said that governments will continue to oppose cryptocurrencies because they can finance terrorism, human trafficking and tax evasion. V God believes that compliance with private financing activities is not impossible. At the same time, he pointed out that solutions such as sharding will make mining and encrypted digital currency transactions more efficient.

Source: Mars Finance