God turns! The Belgian Debo hits the face of CSW and is exposed to the court.

In Kleiman v. Wright, a new document appeared from a man who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido, who submitted a handwritten testimony to the Southern District of Florida, claiming that he was In 2009, the “real, unique inventor/creator” of the Bitcoin Network Creation Zone was launched.


(Debo, who calls himself Nakamoto Satoshi, left one)

"Wild" Nakamoto appeared?

On July 22nd, an interesting document was submitted to the court, and this eye-catching and $1 billion bitcoin litigation continued this week. The lawsuit involved the family of David Kleiman (now dead) and his many years of business relationship with CW (Craig Wright), who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin. Kleiman's family accused CSW of manipulating Kleiman's bitcoin heritage and a large amount of intellectual property.

The Kleiman v. Wright case, filed in the Florida courts, was launched around a trust fund allegedly owned by 1 million bitcoins. However, on July 11, Dr. Matthew Edman, a cryptographer who testified for the Kleiman estate, found that there were many inconsistencies in the evidence submitted by CSW, such as the falsification of documents and the inconsistencies in the dates of other materials.

After Edman testified on July 22, another document was submitted to the court, bringing a new twist to the case.


(Debo handwritten testimony)

According to this document, Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido, who lives in Belgium, submitted a written testimony to Judge Bruce Reinhart, calling him Nakamoto. Debo claimed in a handwritten letter that he was the inventor of Bitcoin technology and dug up the Bitcoin creation block. He is the author of the white paper and the owner of the GMX.com mailbox. The letter states:

“I am here to prove in writing – I am the real and sole inventor/creator of the Bitcoin blockchain creation block. I wrote and published the bit with the name of Nakamoto and the email Satoshin@GMX.com. Coin white paper."

"trusted key" signed by the insider

Debo also said that he generated the PGP key 0x18C09E865EC948A1 and he claimed that it was a trusted key signed by the insider.

This is not the first time he claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin. Since 2015, Debo has been using a Twitter account called @realsatoshin. Before Debo's letter was submitted to the court on July 4, 2019, he said on Twitter that his PGP key was signed by Hal Finney, Gavin Andresen, Peter Todd, and Wladimir van der Laan (all of the above were or were bits). Core contributors). Bitcoin Core developer Wladimir van der Laan even joined Debo's discussion on Twitter and talked about this key.


(Wladimir's response to 0x18C09E865EC948A1)

"As far as I know, there is currently no message signed by the key, but it appears with the early Bitcoin, so it may be the key of Nakamoto, but it is not 100% certain. I was at that time. The signature is about the operation of the GPG trust network, which is a mistake, and I later revoked it."


(0x18C09E865EC948A1 signature information)

Searching the PGP key database on the MIT server will reveal that Debo's key is tied to Satoshin@gmx.com and other emails containing Nakamoto's name.

There are two specific dates associated with this key, which are October 30, 2008 and January 3, 2009. These two dates represent the birth of the creation block on the day before the 2008 white paper was published online and on January 3. As Wladimir van der Laan said in his tweet, the MIT server showed that he did revoke the 0x18C09E865EC948A1 key on May 2, 2016. Coincidentally, Gavin Andresen was removed from the core maintainer that day.

Refuse to sign because it is not ready

Debo stressed in a letter to the Florida court and Judge Reinhart that he had never had any contact with David Kleiman. The letter also insists that CSW "does not have a unique private key for my PGP key on the creation block."

"This person has no idea how the creation block is constructed because he did not dig up the blocks assigned to the 'whale wallet'."

Before the letter was handed over to the court, Debo announced the news on Twitter and revealed that he was in contact with Keiman's lawyer, Vel Freedman. Debo told the lawyer: "I have a strong feeling that Keiman is caught in a 'Nigeria scam.' I hope that you can talk openly with your customers to confirm some information."

“Kleiman did talk to the real Nakamoto. There were two Vistomail accounts at the time: Satoshin and Satoshi – please pay attention to this. I used Satoshin@GMX.com. I suggest you ask for one. For a full backup, you will notice that the communication with Hal Finney is signed, sometimes encrypted by the PGP key or subkey I hold – it is impossible for CSW to get my private PGP key."

In a private screenshot of Freedman, the lawyer asked:

"Mr. Debo, can you sign a piece of information with the creation block? This will be very helpful for my case."


(Dialogue between Debo and Kleiman attorneys)

Debo's reply showed that he was not willing to show evidence until he was ready. Debo explained that once he signed the creation block, he would have to prepare to move to a safe place, and he was not ready to do so. He also asked why the lawyer asked him to sign, which should be what CSW wants to do.

"He should explain how he created the creation block – he can sign with my PGP key 0 x18c09e865ec948a1 – ask CW why he created fake RSA keys signed by Gavin, Wladimir, Pete Todd and Hal Finney, and forged Time to upload these keys to the MIT PGP server."

Debo's "Whale Wallet" program

On the Quora website, Debo details his story. He said that he registered at a Belgian notary before he posted the Bitcoin.pdf (white paper) online.

Debo claimed on June 13, 2019:

“This is legally protected by authorship and copyright. Copyright is granted at the time of creation, not at the time of registration, but the date of registration can be used to prove the date of creation.”

There is not much information on Bitcoin.pdf registered in Belgium on the Internet, but Debo does have an invention (1011874A6) that was registered in 1998 and is a scanner for digitizing fingerprints. On the Quora website, Debo claims:

“I am the only person in the world who knows how the creation block is formed and formed. So far, there is a lot of speculation about my identity. In fact, my identity is not important because the project is decentralized. Open source. Dorian Nakamoto was once accused of being Nakamoto, but after I sent a message, he quickly denied it. Later, Dr. CSW did try (and still does) imitate me, but he does not have a private key. I can't enter my whale wallet either."

Debo went on to claim that he and Hal Finney had dug up the first block and insisted that they had a whale wallet with a large amount of money. He said that the existence of the whale wallet is purposeful and promises not to affect the project itself and the market. Debo guarantees that 93% (whale wallet) resources will be used for human innovation and improvement.

The whale wallet here may refer to the views of cryptocurrency enthusiasts for many years. They think that Satoshi Nakamoto has excavated 700,000 to 1 million bitcoins. According to Debo, he plans to keep only about 7% of his funds. Debo also explained in detail that he lived in Belgium, so he chose to use the German email service GMX. He said that in Belgium, the school also taught him to use double spaces after the full stop, because he served in the military for 5 years, so his text often appeared in plural form.

There has been no news that the Florida courts will use Debo's letter to accuse Wright, which was submitted to the court on Monday.

Debo's story is incredible for a variety of reasons. For example, he has always been blunt about participating in the creation of Bitcoin. He often publishes cryptocurrency and bitcoin-related tweets, and each tweet uses a large number of tags. In addition, Debo's current style of writing and English is different from that of many letters and emails written by Nakamoto.

In addition to the PGP key without conclusive evidence, Debord's story lacks sufficient proof. However, the July 22 document showed that the Florida courts and the judges in charge of Kleiman v. Wright seemed to believe that the letter should be filed for reasons that are currently unknown.