OKEx Exchange announces online cross-chain project FUSION (FSN)

The OKEx Exchange announced on July 25 that it announced the FUSION (FSN), a cross-chain project, and synchronized the OKEx exchanges in Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. At 17:00 on July 26, OKEX will officially open the FSN transaction, and open the FSN withdrawal at 17:00 on July 30th. The main network of FUSION has been launched on June 30 this year. The main currency can participate in mining. Its original technology such as “DCRM and Time-lock” is praised by the United Nations. Previously, it has been on dozens of well-known exchanges such as DEX, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Upbit, Bibox and Bitmax exchanges, and won the first place in the currency exchange DEX Weekly SGD. The first day trading volume was nearly 5 million RMB.