Investment | Nova Club Announces Strategic Investment The Forbidden Forest Technology Developer Community

Nova Club announced a strategic investment in The Forbidden Forest technology developer community, Nova Club will help the Forest community node program and more international community building. The Forbidden Forest is an open source community project focused on daily privacy payments. It is the world's first MimbleWimble protocol + DAG public chain and is committed to creating a decentralized autonomous community through POS+POW. Nova Club is an investment ecosystem of outstanding blockchain industry organizations that combines alliance members' resources to discover, invest and incubate more projects of potential value. Members of the Nova Club Investment Eco Alliance will jointly build an investment ecosystem, grow together with the project, and work together to promote the positive development of the industry. Nova Club's current members include Billion Capital, Consensus Laboratories, Chain Capital, QRC Group, Eight-Dimensional Capital, China Blockchain Expert (CBE), Chain Hing Capital, Exploration Capital, Pentax Capital, Water Drop Capital, BitAsset Ecological Fund , Spark Capital, Consensus Capital, and Branch Bank Capital.