Analysis: BitMEX's recent bitcoin outflows due to the CFTC survey and FCA may ban its Bitcoin contract reports

According to Etherum World News, Bloomberg reported that after the CFTC survey of BitMEX, the exchange's BTC outflow was $73 million more than the inflow within 24 hours. According to TokenAnalyst, after the CFTC announced the investigation of BitMEX on July 19th, the value of the BitMEX average withdrawal transaction tripled, and the transaction volume fell by more than 50%, indicating that people are less interested in using the platform than before. To make matters worse, researcher Alex Kruger pointed out that even during peak hours, he observed that Bitcoin has 1-2 price fluctuations per minute, which means “liquidity declines”, “maybe with the US government’s comments on Bitcoin It is related to the CFTC survey of BitMEX. The results were confirmed by the cryptographer The Boot, which stated that the "so thin" order book has been clearly observed during the most recent trading session. As mentioned above, all of this is said to stem from two things: Bloomberg reported that the CFTC is investigating whether BitMEX intends to allow US users to trade; FCA or intends to ban all cryptographic derivatives, including BitMEX Bitcoin contracts.