Wanchain and PUC Holding Group reached a strategic cooperation to promote the application of enterprise-level blockchain in the ASEAN region


On July 25, 2019, the Wanchain Foundation and PUC Berhad, a Malaysian listed company, jointly announced that they have formally reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the application of blockchain technology in the commercial field.

PUC Holdings Group invested in Presto Mall, Malaysia's third-largest e-commerce platform, and Presto, a popular mobile wallet. At the same time, PUC is widely involved in emerging fields, with layouts in e-commerce, financial technology, new media, and artificial intelligence.

Kenneth Hiew, Chief Commercial Officer of PUC Holdings Group, said: "We are looking to leverage the advancement of blockchain technology to empower the Group's vertical segments. The partnership with Wanchain will strengthen PUC's leading position in these areas. It is hoped that through the joint efforts of both parties, it will bring more efficiency, better service and a cooler experience to the ecology of PUC."

The establishment of the cooperation relationship between the two parties is of great significance. This is not only a milestone in the development of Wanchain, but also a major event in the entire blockchain industry. The PUC has developed specific plans to incorporate Wanchain's public-chain technology and alliance chain solutions into its end-user products in the future. PUC has a good user base, and it will benefit people by bringing products and services that incorporate Wanchain blockchain technology to its user base.

Wan Xu, founder and CEO of Wanchain, said: "The cooperation between the two parties marks an important step in the integration of Wanchain's blockchain technology with traditional business. It also laid the foundation for Wanchain to release the Wanchain 4.0 platform and cross-chain integrated business alliance chain at the end of this year. A solid market foundation. Wanchain is willing to provide professional enterprise-level blockchain service capabilities for companies interested in leveraging blockchain technology, and Wanchain also hopes to become the preferred supplier of blockchain services for corporate customers."

Based on Wanchain's enterprise blockchain solution, Wanchain's cooperation with PUC will take the lead in three aspects:

  1. Distributed credit scoring system
  2. Decentralized integration system that runs and flows to the PUC ecosystem
  3. Distributed small micro-lending business system based on blockchain (Wanchain provides platform support)

Wanchain and PUC will also work together to explore and develop blockchain applications such as decentralized exchanges, decentralized wallets, and distributed payment systems.

Wanchain 4.0 is a distributed financial infrastructure platform that Wanchain plans to release at the end of this year to cross-chain integrated public and commercial alliance chains. Through Wanchain 4.0, cross-chain exchanges are achieved in a decentralized manner between assets on the private and alliance chains and assets on the traditional public chain.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is the headquarters of PUC and one of the central hub cities throughout Southeast Asia. PUC and Wanchain are currently preparing for the large blockchain summit and press conference held in Kuala Lumpur in September this year. At that time, senior leaders of PUC and Wanchain will attend the conference, and the two parties will jointly release further cooperation plans and announce relevant details. The two sides will deliver keynote speeches on how blockchain technology can innovate and drive financial technology in Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia.

More about the cooperation between Wanchain and PUC, we will announce it in time on official channels.

About PUC

PUC Berhad (PUC) was founded by China Founder Group and was incorporated in Malaysia on November 3, 1997. It was launched on the Malaysia Stock Exchange (Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad) on April 8, 2002 ( ACE Market) is listed. PUC and its subsidiaries have been rooted in Malaysia for many years and have a solid business foundation with a focus on integrated media services and payment solutions. PUC opened its digital business in mid-2017. PUC's current digital services include financial technology, new media, online shopping, electronic payment, digital imaging and artificial intelligence. These unremitting efforts are an important foundation for the Group to become a world-class digital life service provider in the future. For more information, please visit www.puc.com

About Wanchain

Wanchain is an asset cross-chain + privacy protection + smart contract. The three characteristics create a cross-chain digital asset infrastructure platform to de-centralize the connection and value exchange of different blockchain networks, allowing any individual and organization to be based on Wanchain. Create a decentralized app. As the first cross-chain between Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20, Wanwei Chain is fully promoting the development of a fully decentralized PoS consensus mechanism. On March 31, North America officially released the Yellow Book of Galaxy Consensus Technology. The test plan has been fully launched, and the galaxy consensus will be officially launched on the main network in the third quarter of 2019. At the same time, Wanwei Chain teamed up with Telefónica and RIVETZ, Europe's largest mobile operators, to provide blockchain-based mobile security solutions. According to the plan, Wanchain will gradually realize the cross-chain connection with the main public chain and alliance chain of the industry. Wanchain adopts a global ecological operation and currently has offices in Beijing, China, Austin, USA and London, UK.

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