The most anticipated EOS game in August

In August 2019, the EOS DApp game ecosystem will add another fierce player, Crypto Heroes , which is an RPG game built on the blockchain . This game is followed by EOS Knights (EOS Stone Age) and EOS Dynasty. (EOS three countries) forked version , reset the game mechanics and fix some bugs, Crypto Heroes will detonate the EOS DApp game circle.

Players who understand EOS games should be familiar with EOS Knights and EOS Dynasty.

EOS Knights

EOS Knights is a very popular game last summer. It was developed by a Korean team. The EOS main website is supported by EOSYS from South Korea, EOS ASIA from Hong Kong and EOS Café Calgary from Canada. Players use magic water to buy Pets and upgrade heroes, much like the Stone Age when you were a child.


EOS Dynasty

EOS Dynasty is the RPG+PvP character that was launched in April this year to develop a blockchain game, produced by the 7th Continental Game Studio. The game takes advantage of the IP of the Three Kingdoms, giving players around the world a sense of deja vu, especially Asian users who have been stunned by the Three Kingdoms since childhood. The heroes in the game are the characters in the Three Kingdoms. Like most games, this game uses different skills and abilities to maintain and train the hero's combat power.



These games have been very hot in the EOS DApp game ecosystem. One is because the players are very familiar with such game stories, and the second is because the game design is very clever, making it easy to get started, and the game screen is quite cute.

Crypto Heroes (hero) , which will be launched in August this year , is also expected to set off a new wave of EOS games. What exactly is this game, let's see it.

Crypto Heroes

Crypto Heroes is a fork of EOS Knights and EOS Dynasty games . The game is quarterly. When the best players are born, it means the end of the old season and the new season begins. Every season, the monsters and equipment produced in this season will be destroyed, but if it is pre-ordered, you don't have to worry about this problem. The price of the monster will gradually decrease.

The point here is that the price of the monster in the game is changing. In fact, it is equivalent to the various synthetic pets in the blockchain game. It has their own value. The most typical is the mystery of the Ethereum. Cat.

Let's briefly explain the game interface. In general, the interface design of Crypto Heroes is beautiful and elegant, in line with the consistent aesthetics of gamers, and can't pick up any big problems. It is mainly based on cartoon style and adds a little 3D effect. The design of heroes and monsters is also unique, making people shine and remember.

Main interface

There are several key points that can be seen in the main interface of Crypto Heroes. In fact, these are similar to the previous Knights and Dynasty:

  • Crystals

Crystal is an important consumable in the game. It can be understood as energy and "blood". Players can also purchase crystal directly with EOS.

  • Battle

The combat value can be seen in the current state of exploration. The hero must destroy 10 enemies to occupy a place. The more places occupied, the easier it is to get more rare materials.

  • Adventure

Can be understood as the battlefield, or adventure, the hero is going to occupy the place here.

  • Hero

Heroes, players can choose three heroes to participate in the battle at the same time, the hero will also increase the experience value in the process of destroying the enemy. It is also a mode of development.


How can a hero grow fast?

There are 16 levels of heroes. There is no doubt that each level requires a higher contribution value and higher game equipment requirements. Leveling requires a contribution value. Where is the contribution value coming from?

1. Heroes can be leveled by Attack (attack), Defense (defense), HP (healing back blood), and Luck (lucky). The first three, the friends who often play games should be familiar with the fourth Luck (lucky) mode, which can increase the odds of rare materials and crystals in the game. In other words, the higher the level, the higher the chance of winning.

2, each hero can also ride Mount (monsters, pets in the game) to fight to increase the contribution value.

3, heroes also have equipment to use, such as hammers, armor and masks to enhance the contribution value.


Monsters and equipment

Here we will focus on equipment and monsters.


The first is equipment.

Crypto Heroes has a very diverse equipment system. It is equipped with 6 categories, general class, magic class, rare class, epic class, legend class and god class. In the future, the R&D team will continue to add new equipment to keep the game alive and fresh, giving players more gaming experience.


Followed by the beast.

The game's Mounts can be understood as a beast, mount, Mounts has 7 levels, a total of 12 kinds of animal beast mounts can hatch. Players can use these Mounts to increase their combat capabilities.


The rules of Crypto Heroes are relatively easy to understand. Basically, they are similar to the previous Dapp games. They have a consumption value (crystal) and need to contribute values ​​to upgrade.

Get familiar with its rules of the game and make money while playing in the game:

1. Complete the mission to get the monster that the crystal has been used will be automatically removed by the system, and the hero will get the crystal after completing such a task.

2, the upgrade rules This game has some upgrade rules, the hero has a total of 16 levels. After the hero's adventure, the equipment will have a 2% chance of being destroyed. Therefore, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible to preserve the value of the equipment.

3. The game also has relevant rules for the trading market. The new order cannot be lower than 5% of the current minimum price. When a lower-priced order appears, the price will be available for at least 2 hours, after which it will be required to offer a price below 5% of the price. The game also has some "marketing", for example, the system will automatically match some orders and make a 10-hour correction to the minimum order price.

4, equipment alchemy players can create materials for equipment alchemy upgrade, in the game, some materials in the trading market will have price fluctuations, and sometimes players will get a good price of relatively low materials.

Before the game went live, Crypto Heroes had pre-sales activities, and the pre-sales will be until August 22. During this time, players can purchase different levels of heroes and monsters in advance, as well as crystals in the game.


About the distribution of game profits

20% of Crypto Heroes' game profits will be given to project investors; 15% will be allocated to pre-ordered users, which are the pre-order channels shown in the above picture; 20% will be used for game support, including purchasing power and city games Operation; 15% will be used for marketing, including pulling from new social media, etc.; 10% will be distributed to the team, including community AMA and development team.

Crypto Heroes will also release its own game Token CHT (Crypto Heroes Token), with a total of 8 billion, of which pre-sales account for 5%, 10% for operational support, 70% for all kinds of activities in the game, 10% for In the community, 5% is used in the development team.

How to get CHT

The way to get CHT is mainly around the game:

  • Reward in trading games

Players can purchase assets in the game to get CHT, and each EOS transaction can generate 50 CHT as a reward.

  • Consume rewards in the game

Players can use the EOS to buy heroes, crystals, etc. to get CHT, and each EOS can generate 1000 CHT rewards.

  • Adventure reward

Each time a player wins a reputation and destroys an enemy, he gains a certain CHT. Every time the player explores and destroys the enemy, they will get a certain "prestige value". The game will allocate CHT according to the "prestige value" obtained by the player every day. The "prestige value" will be updated every day.

  • mission rewards

Players who complete a special mission will win the corresponding CHT.

In addition, CHT will have a release rule, as shown in the figure:


Therefore, although the player consumes EOS in the game, but obtains CHT, in turn, it can continue to use CHT to trade equipment and materials in the game market, and then switch back to EOS, which is a cyclic process.

The game's partners can be said to be the top organizations in the blockchain industry, including, Scatter, Newdex, DappRadar, etc. With the strong support of these well-known institutions, I believe that the development of Crypto Heroes will last longer and continue to be optimized and upgraded. The player experience enriches the EOS DApp ecosystem.

Crypto Heroes can now learn more about DAPPX Phi Phi Shrimp!

As a branch of EOS Knights and EOS Dynasty, the cost of materials and equipment in Dynasty and Knights will decrease over time. In Heroes, the R&D team fixed and solved this problem. But now the game is not officially online, so please wait until the beginning of August!