Media: Major anti-corruption cases involving major encrypted exchanges in Brazil

Four suspects suspected of eavesdropping on the Brazilian Justice Minister Sergio Moro’s cell phone often use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Recently, the Brazilian Federal Police arrested four people who were suspected of eavesdropping on his mobile phone during the case of Moro’s former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s car wash case (a major anti-corruption case in Brazil). One of the arrested people, Gustavo Santos, told the federal police that another suspect, Walter Delgatti, intended to sell the information he had obtained to the Workers Party. Santo’s lawyer said that his client’s financial resources came from his work as a DJ and Bitcoin trader. Vallisney also ordered the central bank to report and requested the National Financial System Customer Registration Survey to communicate with the financial institutions that the respondents had or had had with them during bank secrecy, thereby accelerating the collection of data from these entities.