Morning market analysis: BTC shock adjustment is still continuing, mainstream currencies are still under strong pressure

Most of the recent BTC movements are in the stage of sideways adjustment. The overall volume is small, and the participation of OTC funds is not enough. The market activity is small, which leads to the current volume reduction and reduction. It is difficult to form an effective offensive. The callback has not been able to reach the key points, and it has not reached the psychological position of the bulls. However, the shorts want to be further suppressed and seem to be powerless. The sideways trend will become the current mainstream;

The short-term trend of Bitcoin continued to experience the process of sideways volatility. The upside suffered a sideways boycott. In the process of falling, it also formed a sideways trend to consume long momentum. The market is completely free and the sentiment is dominant. In operation, according to the long-short ratio chart, the recent volatility sideways adjustment has lowered the long-term ratio of 0.4, indicating that the recent trend has caused many unsettled bulls to choose to leave, and the mood of bullish bottoming is also somewhat depressed. The proportion of empty space continues to decrease, and the pace of rising is getting closer and closer to us;

On the daily chart, Bollinger's opening is running downwards, and the trend is to maintain a sideways posture. The 5-day moving average, the 10-day moving average, and the 30-day moving average continue to run downward, and the pressure begins to move downwards, and the minimum price falls to only 9800. Entering the stage of rebound, once entering can not form a new low, the downward trend will not continue, and will also form a stage of shock upward in the near future; the MACD of the figure is running below the 0 axis, still giving a heavy volume attitude, trend Still dominated by the empty market, the STOCH fast and slow lines intersect at 20 horizontal lines, the fast line is down, and the slow line is facing upwards. When the empty side continues to give greater pressure to break today's low, it may give downward test. Opportunity, but it won't be too deep, so when there is a good downside trend, it will be our better time to enter the warehouse. The RSI runs down the 50 level and does not rebound back to the upper area of ​​10000. The trend will still be biased towards the short position. From a comprehensive perspective, BTC will maintain a downward trend. Chen Chuchu suggested that the high-altitude and low-level should be the mainstay. Follow the empty list in the vicinity of 10000-10100 to see 9800. Break the standard and continue to follow up to see the low point. More than one can be followed up in batches at 9600-9800. The operation controls the risk. After the profit during the shock period, the company will leave the market in time to avoid the trend change and the profit will decrease. When the BTC moves upward After the 10,000 area, if the trend continues to rise, it will break through the 10200 line, the volatility will change, the trend will be upward, and the amount will follow up, there is still strong resistance above;

ETH currently has a sideways trend, adjusted around 220, and the 10-day moving average runs up. The Bollinger band runs down, the lower track has signs of flattening, and the callback space will be limited. Will enter the turbulent upward trend, today's trend can maintain steady in the 220 line, then the trend will become smooth, if you break the 10-day moving average in the callback, the trend may enter the stage of shockdown, operational recommendations High altitude is mostly low, supporting 215, resistance 240;

XRP has been oscillating in the area above 0.3 in the near future. The opening of the Bollinger Band has shrunk inward. The amount of energy can continue to shrink. There is also a sign that it will continue to maintain a sideways trend. Today, it is blocked in the 10-day moving average of 0.32. If it cannot break through the suppression of the region. , then the downward trend of the shock will continue to be maintained; the operational recommendations are low and low, supporting 0.3 and resistance 0.33;

LTC fell to the 90th line and entered a rebound. The highest broke the 10-day moving average, and the lower support moved up. When the follow-up trend can stabilize the 90-zone, the current downward trend of the shock will slowly adjust back to the upper area of ​​100. In the rebound phase;

BCH continued to form a sideways trend in the 300 line. The MACD indicator has been glued together, the amount of energy has been wilting, the bullish sentiment is not strong, and the upside is blocked by the 10-day moving average. Before it breaks through the 310 line, the trend will continue to form a shock adjustment. Trends, operational recommendations are high and low, support 290, resistance 330;

EOS continued to maintain its sideways posture, and the uptrend was repeatedly blocked. In the near future, it has also broken through the middle of the Bollinger Band, but it is difficult to maintain stability above the area. Before the standard is effectively broken, the trend will continue to maintain the trend of shock adjustment. Support 4.3, resistance 4.7;

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