Welfare strikes! Sign up for WBFEX and win millions of USDT rewards!

At 15:00 on April 11th, Singapore time, WBFEX Global Digital Assets Exchange will officially hold the “Register WBFEX, Win Million USDT Awards (Phase 1)” event. At that time, every user who has registered with WBFEX Exchange and completed real-name certification can receive USDT's airdrop reward within 2 working days after the event (before April 30). The first event will be officially closed at 15:00 on April 28th. The first 1,500 registered users will receive a $5 digital asset (2USDT+3DUSD). Users who have registered for 1,500 or later will be rewarded and will share the high USDT prize pool. Sign up for registration at www.wbfex.com. WBFEX Global Digital Assets Exchange is a member of the eco-business of WBF Financial Group in New York. It is incorporated in Singapore and aims to create a third-generation digital asset exchange that integrates the international trading ecology.