General Manager of ICBC: In the hot technology field such as blockchain, it will conduct strategic holding or shareholding through equity investment.

According to China Securities Network, Li Liuxun, general manager of ICBC Technology, said that ICBC Technology focused on promoting the “incremental” development of financial technology, focusing on B-side and G-end customers and benefiting C-end customers. At present, ICBC is mainly divided into operations and market segments, government business segments, industrial business segments, and Xiong'an Digital Financial Laboratory. It has also carried out business in the field of government services, financial eco-cloud, blockchain, etc. The output of the product has also started to advance. In the hot spot technology fields such as blockchain and information security, for the outstanding start-up companies or technology enterprises with high-end technical talents, mastering core technology capabilities and broad development prospects, through strategic investment, etc., strategic holding or equity participation, for ICBC Smart Bank Construction and business upgrading and transformation introduce core technologies and high-end talents.