Micro-Bank Ma Zhitao: Actively use technology such as blockchain to help the banking industry collaborate and innovate

Babbitt reported that on July 26th, Weizhong Bank held the first financial technology open day with the theme of “Source·Life – Open Source Unlimited, Helping Open Innovation and Endless Life” in Shenzhen, Vice President and Chief Information of Weizhong Bank. In his keynote speech, Guan Ma Zhitao said that with the arrival of distributed commerce, the banking industry's ecosystem will undergo significant changes, from the bank-centric to the user-centric, product- and process-oriented closed ecology. Transforming to an open ecosystem with infrastructure providers. Based on this, Weizhong Bank proposed the “3O” open banking strategy represented by Open Platform, Open Innovation and Open Collaboration, and actively engaged in artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing. The open source layout of technology fields such as big data has helped the banking industry to collaborate and innovate.