Data analysis: Ethereum has a certain rebound in bitcoin exchange rate

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 11:00 on July 26, the price of Ethereum was $214.53, the total market value was $22,933.38M, and the volume of mainstream exchanges was about $167.49M, down 28.25% from yesterday. Ethereum has a bitcoin exchange rate. In terms of fundamentals, the trading volume of the Ethereum chain fluctuated upwards, and the number of active addresses and computing power remained stable. The DApp trading volume on the ETH chain has recently fluctuated greatly. In the top 20 DApps, Ethereum recorded 6 seats. Basically, the DeFi application; Ethereum's 30-day developer index is about 2.42; the relationship between Ethereum and BTC is stable and fluctuating, and the current correlation degree is about 0.8; the total market value of ERC20 token is about 67.06% of Ethereum's total market value. Sliding down.