Report: Blockchain and AI technology can help Kenya solve major problems such as corruption

On Thursday, in an interview with the distributed ledger and AI Task Force led by Bitange Ndemo-led on the blockchain and AI, Kenya’s ICT cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru said the technologies could help Kenya resolve corruption and land. Major issues such as fraud and election disputes. “The blockchain and AI provide unprecedented integrity, security and reliability for the information they manage, reducing the risk of a single point of failure,” he said. He also said that all industries in the four agendas are Will be positively affected by these technologies. However, without digital and support technologies such as big data, data science, the Internet of Things, and the 5G network speed expected to land in Kenya by 2025, it is impossible to make full use of these technologies. Mucheru expressed excitement about some of the proposals in the report, such as the possibility of holding electronic elections in 2022. The report also pointed out that other countries that use blockchain and AI to combat corruption (including Ghana, Georgia and Ukraine) are seeking to reform the land registration system and establish an immutable property rights system in the blockchain to prevent fraud and to make the banking industry Have confidence in land assets. Mucheru said that the biggest challenge now is to pass the message to the political class and explain to it how it works.