Stack Overflow's annual developer survey report: 80% of organizations do not use blockchain

According to The Block, Stack Overflow released an annual developer survey report, with 48,175 developers participating in the survey. The survey shows that 80% of organizations do not use blockchain technology. Among those who use blockchain technology, 12.7% chose the non-cryptocurrency application of the blockchain, and the rest chose the cryptocurrency-related application, in which the proportion of products based on cryptocurrency was 4.0%; the acceptance of digital assets was 2.1%. The ratio of launching its own cryptocurrency is 1.3%. In addition, two-thirds of respondents believe in the practicality of blockchain technology. Among those who are more optimistic about blockchain technology, 29.2% believe that the technology has practicality in various fields; 26.2% believe that blockchain technology is useful for tamper-proof records; 12.2% think that district Blockchain technology is useful for decentralized currencies.