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On July 18th, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei accepted an interview with Italian media, including Ansha News Agency, Italian News Agency, Evening Post, Republican and other mainstream Italian media.

When asked why the Meng Zhouzhou incident was frequently communicated with the media after the incident, Ren Zhengfei replied that the United States said that everyone is easy to believe, so Huawei is under excessive pressure and has the responsibility to come up and talk more.

"I am not just trying to save my daughter, but also to save our company, so I have to stand up," he said.

It is worth mentioning that some reporters mentioned that Trump has described Huawei or Ren Zhengfei as the image of "Evil Prince." In response, Ren Zhengfei responded, "Now you see me, I feel like I don't look like 'Devil'? I can't see it."

He also asked, "We don't have a network in the United States, and we don't plan to sell 5G to it. How can it endanger US national security? What is the US doing so urgently?"

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The following is a detailed interview summary:

I welcome everyone, Italy is a beautiful country, I really like Italy. Any sharp questions can be raised, and I will answer them frankly. thank you all!

1. Antonio Fatiguso "Ansa News Agency": Until December of last year, you showed very little in the media, including domestic media, and may have accepted two or three interviews in the last decade or so. But after your daughter Meng Xiazhou was detained in Canada, you came out to communicate more with the media. Can you explain why? In addition, with regard to your daughter's question, with your opinion, in what way will it end?

Ren Zhengfei: First of all, I am not a person who does not want to talk more. In the past, I spoke a lot inside the company because I was led as a leader. It is a speech. It’s just that the past speech did not face the media. Since the Vancouver incident, the United States has sued us in the Eastern District Court of New York, and then we have included us in the list of entities. The international media has almost all negative reports on Huawei because they have a prejudice against Huawei. I believe that I have the responsibility to stand up and talk more in times of crisis, wipe out the dark clouds and reveal a little light. Now that there is a little gray in the sky, it is not completely black. About 30% of the media reports are more favorable to us, and 70% of the reports are more negative.

Second, the United States is too powerful to control the voice of the world. The United States says that everyone is easy to believe. Therefore, Huawei is under excessive pressure. I have the responsibility to come up and talk more. First, to enhance customer confidence in us, Huawei will not collapse, and will be responsible to customers; second, enhance the confidence of suppliers in our company, our company can live, sell us parts, and will be able to pay in the future. The third is to enhance employee confidence, to work hard, the company can live, although the US is very powerful, but our company is also very powerful; finally, it also sends the correct voice to the society, let the society understand us, no one has been so sharp before. When the ground accuses us, we can’t jump out and say ourselves. Now the United States is so acutely accused that it has the opportunity to explain itself and let everyone know about Huawei. At present, social public opinion about 30% of Huawei's understanding, 70% is still not enough understanding, so we must continue to say.

I am not just trying to save my daughter, but also to save our company, so I have to stand up.

2, Fabio Savelli "Late Post": The first question, in this crisis moment, are you still a corporate CEO, the leader of the company? Second, regarding the deployment of 5G in Europe, Huawei did not provide many core network equipment in the construction of network connectivity infrastructure in Europe. For you, do you think this situation will change in the next few months or even years? If Huawei is still excluded from the core network, will it delay the deployment of 5G in Europe?

Ren Zhengfei: First, in this crisis moment, I am most suitable to continue to serve as CEO. I have the ability to lead this company out of the dark and to the light. That is to say, without the help of the United States, the company will continue to develop well, will survive independently, and will survive very well, at the forefront of the world.

Second, how to choose 5G depends on the decision of the European countries, and also depends on the European operators' consideration from their own perspective, so the choice is in Europe, not in us.

First explain what 5G is, and then talk about what will be done to Europe. 5G is not a simple amplification of 4G. The business nature of 2G, 3G and 4G is B2C. B2C services can be understood as communication between each of us and the network. The Internet upload rate is now low and the download rate is large. As you can see, when you upload an image on the web, it is now very slow. If the car is to be unmanned, a lot of images will be sent in one second to ensure safety. Industrial automatic control cannot be achieved if the current transmission method is used. The width of the entire 5G channel is 10-100 times that of 4G, and the upstream bandwidth can be very wide. Therefore, 5G has changed the information transmission structure of 4G, not only can complete B2C services, but also complete B2B services. The "B" behind B2B refers to the structure of automatic production of trains, cars, airplanes, and industrial 4.0 at high speed.

5G is now divided into two forms: one is 5G and 4G compatible NSA mode. For example, 4G mobile phones can be used on 5G networks, which only broadens the bandwidth and does not play the role of industrial automation control in the future. The core network of the 4G and 5G shared systems can use the original 4G; the other form is the SA form of a single network of 5G. Since it does not need to be compatible with many contents of 4G, its terminal equipment and system equipment will be compared. Simple, so its uplink rate will be very fast, and the delay is millisecond. For example, a very good doctor in Italy, remotely instructing Chinese township doctors to perform heart surgery on patients, then see the speed of the doctor's knife on the scene, the speed of the moving knife seen in the video must be the same, there can be no lag, otherwise it can not Guided the operation. Another example is that everyone in the room is engaged in media. If the speed of TV transmission is faster, there will be a tailing. The explanation is that it is sometimes delayed, and the independent 5G network will eliminate this phenomenon. When 5G is independently networked, we need this new core network.

The 5G base station itself does not open the information packet, and the transmission system does not open, so it does not involve information security issues. The packet is only opened when it is transmitted to the core network. The British Prime Minister Theresa May said that "the equipment outside the core network, the United Kingdom can purchase Huawei products" is correct; recently, the British parliamentary debate later said that "only with Huawei's core technology, it is possible to achieve the most advanced." From this point of view, it is chosen by European countries and operators.

China's current 5G license, the 5G network currently built by operators, is still a hybrid mode of 4G and 5G. 5G independent network only Huawei has done a good job in the world. The China Bidding Law stipulates that three companies must be ready to start bidding. Therefore, China can only start independent 5G SAs from next year. We are waiting for Qualcomm's progress.

3, Filippo Santelli "Republican": Now the United States is ready to stop the sale of key components to Huawei, including chips, servers, software. For technical manufacturers, it is equivalent to the death penalty. Can Huawei be independent of these US suppliers? How to achieve independence? How long can it be independent?

Ren Zhengfei: We can now be completely independent and continue to provide services to our customers without relying on the United States. And the more advanced the system, the more capable we are able to produce completely independent of the United States. Of course, there are some backward products, old products produced in the past, we have not continued to develop parts, these products may have an impact. But we have new technologies and new products to cover these old products and continue to serve our customers.

4. Bruno Ruffilli "News": Today we saw Huawei's equity room and learned that you have a veto. If the Communist Party or the Chinese government asks Huawei to install a back door on a network device or terminal device, you can also Is one vote veto?

Ren Zhengfei: Of course, I am sure I will veto one vote. Everyone should also see that Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Working Committee, said at the Munich Security Conference that "Chinese enterprises will never allow backdoors"; Premier Li Keqiang, a reporter at the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress When asked, it also made it clear that "Chinese companies are not allowed to install the back door"; when Premier Li Keqiang attended the "16+1" meeting in Croatia, he specifically told Huawei employees that "you must not install the back door." Therefore, the leaders of the state have instructions. We have the confidence and confidence to make a firm statement and sign the "Huawei Network without back door" agreement with each country.

Second, if we install the back door, customers all over the world don't buy our equipment. Our company goes bankrupt. Who will pay the debt? Employees can quit their jobs to start a business. Only paying for my debts, do you think I would like this pattern? do not wish.

5, Andrea Biondi "24-hour Sun": First, regarding your daughter Meng Zhouzhou incident, are you worried now, how do you think this event will end? Second, there are now many accusations in the world that always link Huawei with information security, security issues or installation backdoors. What are your answers to these allegations?

Ren Zhengfei: First, my daughter's affairs still have to be resolved through court judgments. Because the courts respect the facts and emphasize the evidence, I believe that the court will finally make a fair, fair, open and transparent judgment.

Second, Italy and Germany propose to establish a unified European network security standard. Every enterprise must accept such inspections. I think this is correct. Huawei has accepted the most demanding inspections in the world, and has not found any problems so far. It is believed that other companies will accept such inspections, which is safe for European security.

6. Eugenio Buzzetti "Italian News Agency": You said in a recent interview that due to US trade controls, Huawei's turnover may suffer a decline of 30 billion US dollars. How do you think Huawei should adjust itself to the decline in turnover? Is there an alternative?

Ren Zhengfei: The US attacking us will not affect our survival, but we have to carry out some version switching. The version switching needs some running-in, and these running-in will take a little time. Of course, I estimate that the revenue of the $135 billion sales plan from the beginning of this year will drop by $30 billion to around $100 billion, which is an extreme estimate. It may be because of our efforts that it will reduce the proportion of decline. When you came to Huawei, you also saw that our company's "body" is very healthy, and all the "machines" (departments) are still fully operational.

7. Samuel Stolton (Euractiv EU): First of all, thank you, Mr. Ren for giving us the opportunity to interview you. I wonder if you have heard of the latest election of the European Commission President Von Delane, what is your opinion on the future relationship between the EU and China?

Ren Zhengfei: I am not very familiar with the newly elected EU president, but she has seen her very beautiful on TV. I believe that Europe will also take a beautiful step.

Europe must make its trade trend simple. China is a very large market. Since last year, China has been reducing tariffs on various commodities such as luxury goods and clothing. Italy and Europe should seize the market faster. For example, in the case of automobiles, China is a big automobile consumer, and automobile tariffs are declining. Therefore, European cars must seize the Chinese market, and do not tie themselves to the US "cars." Everyone knows that the best cars in the world are in Europe. The most affordable car in the world is Japan. American cars have neither quality advantages nor cost advantages. After you have occupied the Chinese market space in a few years, It is estimated that it is difficult for American cars to come in again.

The German technology, French technology, Japanese technology, and some of China's own research technologies used in China's high-speed rail construction are some huge development opportunities. China's demand for aircraft is also extremely large, and Europe should invest more in the Chinese market in the field of aircraft. In short, the economies of China and Europe are highly complementary, so we must use this gap to promote the rapid development of China-EU trade. When the United States and China finished the quarrel, they found that they were allies in China and occupied the market. And for other countries, Europe wants to reduce economic sanctions in line with the United States, but must strive to expand economic and trade space. Because the stability of society lies in whether people's lives are improved. Europe does not need an ideology, but needs to substantially improve the lives of the people, especially the low-end people, so that there will be no social unrest or any revolution. With a stable foundation for development, Europe will continue to prosper.

8. Filippo Santelli's Republican: Now the US government is also putting pressure on European telecom operators to ban the use of Huawei equipment, but from the news now, the Italian government is willing to continue to cooperate with Huawei. For you, the European market is good, the Italian market is good, is it important for Huawei business? Do you think that the final victory in the European market?

Ren Zhengfei: First, Europe is very important to us. Our investment in Europe is also very large. We regard Europe as the second homeland. Second, operators have cooperated with Huawei for more than 20 years. With such strong pressure from the United States, there are so many operators who purchase our equipment, indicating that operators trust us to be relatively high. We are confident that we will build the European network.

9. Antonio Fatiguso “Ansa News Agency”: We often hear that many people think that Huawei is not transparent enough in terms of company ownership and management. After you voluntarily disclose your shareholdings, you know that you only have 1.14% of the shares. In order to improve this situation, do you consider whether it will be listed in Hong Kong even in the long run? Second, from the perspective of management, have you planned the issue of future successors?

Ren Zhengfei: First, we are completely transparent because our financial independent external audit is KPMG. We are as transparent as listed companies, and I don't know what transparency the society needs. If I go to Hong Kong to go public for transparency, I don't think it is necessary.

Our company has been advancing in the process of progress, and I will provide it to you later in the speech of the shareholders' meeting, which clearly explains the corporate governance structure and the successor's problems. Our company will make steady progress. Welcome journalists and editors to visit Huawei regularly to see our cycle growth. We won't get rid of it, we will only live the better.

10. Eugenio Buzzetti "Italian News Agency": Regarding your recent talks with Italian Prime Minister Conte at the "Belt and Road" Beijing Forum, we would like to know if this meeting is a happy development. How do you personally look at the Italian government’s doubts about 5G Huawei? Does Prime Minister Conte think that Italian data should be in the hands of Italy itself?

Ren Zhengfei: My talks with the Prime Minister are very friendly. The Prime Minister is also very trusting to us. As for some people in Italy who have doubts about us, we can understand it. Some people in China have questioned us. It is normal to have different opinions everywhere. The key is that we must be able to do it ourselves.

11. Fabio Savelli, "The Evening Post": First, in the face of such an offensive in the United States, whether your daughter's detention is good or the control of Huawei's physical list is good, don't you think it is necessary to negotiate with the United States? Or make your own source code more transparent? Second, if the Italian government implements the "golden power" bill veto, or the political level more restricts Huawei's business in Italy, will you withdraw from the investment in Italy?

Ren Zhengfei: First, we have communication with the United States. The United States has already sued us in the Eastern District of New York. We also sued the US government in the Dallas court. In fact, this is communication and legal communication. The United States is a country ruled by law, and I think that the legal way is already the best communication.

Second, Italy’s implementation of the “Golden Powers” ​​bill makes it very complicated to do business in Italy. We have no problem. Is the "Golden Power" bill going to be reviewed? The Italian "Golden Power" bill will not veto us, and we are still very confident.

12. Andrea Biondi "24-Hour Sun": According to Italy's "Golden Power" Act, it is only necessary to conduct stricter inspections of non-EU communication equipment suppliers, while Nokia and Ericsson do not. Do you think Huawei will become a victim of discrimination?

Ren Zhengfei: I don't think this is discriminating against us. If we have no problems, I would like to ask you to review more. Doesn’t it prove that we have no problems? Huawei has been subjected to the most rigorous review in the world, and one more review, we are not afraid.

13. Bruno Ruffilli "News": First, Huawei has had many years of operating history in the telecom market. When 4G appeared, I don't remember anyone discussing security issues. Why 5G brings such a big cyber security to everyone? Worried? Secondly, I personally feel that for the discussion of 5G, apart from the technology itself, everyone is discussing Huawei's confidence and trusting Huawei. Trump has already described Huawei as the image of "the wicked prince", why do we have to trust Huawei?

Ren Zhengfei: First, why does 5G highlight so many contradictions? Because the United States has a certain position on 3G and 4G, 5G is led by Huawei, and some people can't accept it for a while. The Chinese government explicitly requires companies not to install backdoors. We have backdoors that can be strictly reviewed by you. We don’t have a network in the United States, and we don’t plan to sell 5G to it. How can it endanger US national security? What is the United States doing so urgently?

Second, regarding the issue of the "Evil Prince", now that you saw me, I feel like I am not like "Devil King"? It’s better to see it.

Bruno Ruffilli: I don't look at it, but I am still a little afraid of you.

Ren Zhengfei: No country in the world will reject Huawei. The country that accepts Huawei will achieve great success. History will prove that Huawei will make a great contribution to trusting our country. Therefore, there is no need to worry about whether Huawei is described as a "devil". I have always thought that President Trump is a great leader, neither of us is a devil.

14. Samuel Stolton (Euractiv EU): Wang Weijing, a former Huawei employee, was accused of being detained in Poland for espionage. He still has no trial. Do you think he will be given a fair trial?

Ren Zhengfei: We don't know what he did. We believe that employees of the company can only engage in commercial activities. If they engage in non-commercial activities, the other party has evidence that the other country can exercise sovereignty. After the court has finished the trial, it can prove what is going on. At that time, we will do the final treatment. If we are not clear about this, we cannot make a statement. You'd better go to the Polish court to get an idea of ​​the truth.

15. Antonio Fatiguso: Ansa News Agency: Yesterday, I visited Songshan Lake, where the buildings are very European, and two of them are directly from Verona and Bologna, Italy. From your personal point of view, what is the relationship with Italy? Have you been to Italy?

Ren Zhengfei: I have been to Italy many times. My wife and daughter often go to Italy. Many of our company's artworks and furniture come from Italy.

The construction of Songshan Lake was designed by Japanese architects. He chose European architectural design and won the bid, which is completely guided by Japanese architects. The building where I am today is designed by a French architect.

16. Bruno Ruffilli "News": You often compare the current Huawei to the Il 2 fighter. There are a lot of holes to be filled. What is the situation with the hole now? Which holes do you make first? Will you transfer some areas of investment? Second, regarding the operating system, what application areas will the new Hongmeng operating system have? We thought it was used on mobile phones, and later it was designed for the Internet of Things. Is there an alternative to the Android operating system?

Ren Zhengfei: First of all, the photo of this plane was accidentally seen on the Internet. I feel like our company. Except for the "heart" is still beating, the body is riddled with holes. At the time we didn't know how many holes were there, not sure which ones were the most important. Then, 5G, optical transmission, core network… These systems, we have to give priority to the hole, these holes have all been replenished. Today, we have about 4,300-4,400 holes, which should have been 70-80%, and by the end of the year, 93% of the holes will be filled. On the one hand, it is to fill the hole, on the other hand, it is to switch versions, which will have some impact on the business performance this year. Next year, we will fill in a few holes, which may be difficult to make up. Maybe our business performance will be affected next year. We estimate that the company will resume growth by 2021.

Second, the biggest feature of the Hongmeng operating system is low latency, which is not the same operating system as Android and iOS. The original intention of the development and design is for the Internet of Things, such as industrial control, unmanned driving… to support the use, we are now used first in watches, smart 8K big screen, car networking. On Android, we are still waiting for Google to get US approval, or to respect and support Google's ecology and technology.

17, Filippo Santelli "Republican": First, you just said that the British government has learned that if you want to have a 5G network, the core network also needs to use Huawei equipment, does it mean that if Europe wants to have a pure 5G network, it must be Choose Huawei to build the core network and the surrounding network? I personally feel that it is not inappropriate to put all the eggs in a basket in Huawei. Second, you just said that on 5G, now Huawei or China, has achieved overtaking of American technology. Do you think the future trend is that China is surpassing the United States in more and more technology, the United States’ move Is it to curb China’s growth?

Ren Zhengfei: First, I don't represent China. I don't know if China will overtake because I don't have the energy to pay attention to the whole society. I can only represent Huawei and only know Huawei.

Second, the core network is actually software. I believe that Nokia, Ericsson, and Cisco will all do well. If you don't feel comfortable, you can wait for them. They can also provide them. However, the eggs are placed in two baskets, the two baskets are connected in series, any one basket is broken, and the system is gone, not two parallel systems.

Filippo Santelli: Is the US attack on Huawei now to curb the transcendence of Chinese technology?

Ren Zhengfei: I don't know, it will be clear to the United States. The US sanctions and containment against Huawei may be a misunderstanding of the United States. I welcome US government officials to come to Huawei to see if they can eliminate misunderstandings. I believe that in the next few decades, the United States will be the most powerful technology country in the world.

18. Fabio Savelli, "The Evening Post": First, we know that Facebook has announced that it will issue a digital currency based on blockchain, called "Libra Coin". Do you think this is a US technology company to maintain the world hegemon with the US government? signal of? Second, do you think that when issuing digital currency, will they consider Chinese companies or put Chinese currency in their currency baskets?

Ren Zhengfei: China can also issue such a currency by itself. Why wait for others to issue it? The power of a country is always stronger than an Internet company.

19, Bruno Ruffilli "News": From the current world situation, countries are still full of inequality, the polarization of wealth is polarized, and some countries do not have enough freedom of speech. In this context, what do you think is the biggest challenge we face from a technological perspective in the future? And what role does technology play?

Ren Zhengfei: I believe that science and technology will create more wealth for human beings, so that everyone can enjoy the rights and interests of social development. The entire society must eliminate poverty through development and avoid social instability. After social stability, the development speed is faster and is more stable. At present, the phenomenon that "the poor are poorer and the rich are richer" must be appropriately changed. The investment in new technologies will increase the total wealth of society.

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