Xueming, Director of the CCF Blockchain Committee: Accelerating the development of blockchain industry and application from a strategic and tactical perspective

Babbitt reported on the scene that on July 26th, Weizhong Bank held the first financial technology open day in Shenzhen with the theme of “Source·Life – Open Source Unlimited, Helping Open Innovation and Endless Life”. In the afternoon blockchain sub-forum, Fu Xueming, professor of the Fudan University and director of the CCF blockchain special committee, pointed out that the current blockchain industry and application development in China has a small industrial scale, blockchain technology and product independent innovation. The ability is weak, the application is in the exploration stage, and the high-end talent is seriously inadequate. In this regard, Schramming pointed out that the blockchain industry and application development should be accelerated from the strategic and tactical aspects. Strategically, strengthen top-level design, attach importance to basic theory and technology research, attach importance to independent controllable technology and product development, and accelerate the development of standards and norms. Tactically, deep integration with technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence; deep integration with information technology and existing IT enterprises; deep integration with big data and data sharing; from "blockchain +" to “+ blockchain”; from 2B to 2C, explore the blockchain platform economy.