"The Westward Journey of the Block" Equipment Trading Function Experience Evaluation

In the past two days, Block Westward has opened the equipment trading function. "Westward Journey" is a traditional game based on blockchain technology. The biggest feature is its 50% dividend, as well as a highly sophisticated game system and a variety of gameplay settings, compared to other mainstream chain games.

This open equipment trading function makes the game function more perfect. After the function is turned on, the EOS trading volume has also rapidly climbed to the first place in the EOS game classification, and the performance is not bad.


Here I only conduct a measurement and analysis of this function of Block Westward Journey.


Speaking of trading, we must first discuss how to obtain equipment that can be sold.

At present, most of the chain tours, the equipment system is hung under a material system, players need to rely on luck to obtain these materials, and then synthesize random equipment, the operation is more cumbersome, and two luck judgments, so many "non-Emirates" The player experience is extremely poor, and the composite material of the advanced equipment in Block Westward Journey is a relatively low-level equipment, and the same level of equipment attributes are the same, which makes the game more fair, and recently officially announced the most advanced SSS. The synthetic formula of the level equipment, the player can more easily synthesize the desired rare equipment according to the formula through the equipment exchange.


At the same time, the acquisition method of equipment is also very simple and clear. It does not require the acquisition of advanced materials and equipment like other games. It often requires a lot of cost for the player, and it takes a lot of time to wait for the output of the material, and then to synthesize. The "European" judgment of the second time made many "non-Emirates" players experience bad, and the material and equipment acquisition cost of the game gradually increased, which was also unfriendly to the later players.

In "Westward Journey", players can spend time playing games to rush to higher levels and then challenge advanced equipment copies to get rare equipment, or you can quickly acquire equipment by purchasing Dao Dan in the mall. Of course, there will still be "European gas" identification components, the store's ten consecutive pumping can get the best equipment to see the player's own luck. In addition, the player can also purchase the monthly card, so that the equipment and the law can be used for free for ten times a day.


Another point is that the maximum value of the player's backpack plaid in Block Westward Journey is fixed, totaling 130, which will not increase or decrease. Unlike many games, players need to pay extra tokens to expand the backpack. capacity. And the player can sell up to 3 pieces of equipment at the same time. This setting can't be changed. At this point, the game is fair, whether it is big or ordinary players are the same starting line in the basic preparation of the transaction.

In general, simple fairness is one of the great advantages of the game from the acquisition of equipment to the sale of the game in Block Westward Journey.


At present, the equipment trading function in Block Westward Journey still needs to be improved.

The first is that the equipment in the entire market is currently arranged according to the shelf time, which is slightly messy and can be further adjusted. However, through the filter button in the market, you can accurately find the equipment you want.


The second is that according to the results of the investigation of the official and my own investigation, the equipment is on the chain, the query is a little troublesome.


Summary: As a game in which the core of its own gameplay is not a transaction, the equipment trading system of Block Westward Journey can be said to be relatively excellent. We can expect this game to continue to develop in a more perfect direction.

Finally, although this assessment is mainly aimed at the analysis of the function of equipment trading in the game, more people actually care more about how the market is, and whether they can quickly realize the transaction. I will do further work later. Analysis, here is a brief talk.

In the past few days, the overall market of Block Westward Journey has performed well. The 24-hour trading volume from the opening of this system has been the first in the EOS game category on the major DAPP websites. The game still has a lot of active players, and the game's popularity and popularity are evident.


The official will launch a variety of related activities in a timely manner, including equipment recycling, lottery to EOS, etc. Up to now, the author is very optimistic about the block westward.