Financial institutions vs. Internet giants, blockchain commercial landing, which top class has the upper hand?

Babbitt News, on the morning of July 26, the " Ant Block Chain CHAINAGE Innovation Day " held by Ant Financial was held in Hangzhou.

At the round table of the event, Liu Weiguang (host) of ant Jinfu vice president, Bai Shuo , former chief engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange, He Ding , head of blockchain of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Meng Yan , vice president of CSDN, around the blockchain The topic of commercialization was discussed enthusiastically.

At this round table, the discussion of the second question is the most exciting, and it is called interesting, interesting, and kind .

WechatIMG808 The picture shows Liu Weiguang, vice president of Ant Financial

Liu Weiguang believes that there are nearly 400 blockchain- related companies in China, which can be roughly divided into three genres: one is the technology company of the financial department based on the traditional financial industry , the other is the company of the Internet department, and the third is the startup company. . “Today we discuss the strategy of the banking department versus the Internet system in the blockchain field.”

He said, "I have been to many financial companies in the finance department. Almost no company does not put the blockchain on the agenda. There is also a well-known bank-based financial technology company that upgrades the blockchain to an important strategy at the company level. 1. Among the Internet genres, BATJ (Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong) have different layouts and strengths in the blockchain field. He immediately asked:

With the development of digital currency and blockchain, which top class will prevail?

WechatIMG806 The picture shows Meng Yan, vice president of CSDN

Meng Yan was the first guest to speak. He believes that the advantages of Internet companies are more prominent .

Internet companies can be divided into two groups, one is a large Internet company, such as Ant Financial, and the other is a company growing in the gray area. Mr. Bai Shuo has just mentioned (as shown below), some companies or teams in the orange and red zones cannot be ignored.


Meng Yan further pointed out the reasons why optimistic about Internet companies, even companies in the gray area. He pointed out that there are two reasons: one is entrepreneurship , and the other is the distribution of the coinage tax .

Regarding entrepreneurship , Meng Yan shared a book he was reading recently – "Fortune and Poverty: Creation and Entrepreneurship of National Wealth" by George Gilder.

George Gilder is a well-known futurist and economist in the United States. Together with Nicholas Negroponte and Marshall McLuhan, George Gilder is known as "the three thinkers of the digital age."

Like the "The Wealth of Nations", when George Gilde first published the book "Wealth and Poverty" in 1981, it elaborated the theory of capital, distribution, and wealth of the supply school, making it the first to supply economics. First-class analysis, and became the foundation stone of the economic revolution at the time of the Reagan Revolution.

Image-asset The picture shows George Gilde

Meng Yan said,

George Gilde divides American entrepreneurs into two categories: one is strictly regulated and protected by the government, and the other is regulated by “parentalism” and is not bound by various laws and regulations. He believes that true entrepreneurship is the source of the vitality of the US capital attention system , and the former is largely a burden. When the book was revised in 2012, he thought that the United States now has a very serious problem. The former has many people who are considered entrepreneurs, but it is not. The latter, in the United States, has been squandered by a large scale, which has caused the American entrepreneurial spirit to fall.

We don't have to agree with this point of view. I am more abstract and less convenient to talk about how large Internet companies can make various innovations. In fact, in terms of entrepreneurship, China has the same problem. In 2008, Friedman once commented that China's economy has "two Chinas." One is traditional China and the other is the Internet China. This is worth thinking about.

Regarding the distribution of the coinage tax , Meng Yan believes that whether it is a gray area, a red zone, an ant gold suit, a bank, an ant gold suit, a bank, whether it is a gray area or a red zone, there is a A big difference – the distribution of the coinage tax . "In a sense, we call the currency-free blockchain or call the bank, which is actually a very funny statement.

He further pointed out that

Today, in the Alipay of Ant Financial, everyone is coining every day. As long as you transfer a bank deposit to the ant gold wallet, you are coining. The coin in the ant's gold jacket is also a special kind of electronic money issued by Ant Financial after the central bank opened the reserve. In essence, everyone seems to transfer the money from China Merchants Bank to the ant Jinfu wallet. This is not the case. In fact, I paid a sum of money and then cast a currency in the Ant Financial System, but there is no coin. Tax, the coinage tax is zero, I did not get any income.

In the blockchain industry, there are many companies or projects that allocate the coinage tax to the community, allowing community members to pass labor or contribute nodes, so that some communities contribute a high amount of coinage tax. I think this is a very important thing in the blockchain or digital currency circle. There are not many people who usually pay attention to it. I allow you to coin coins under the laws of the rules and in the code, and enjoy the coinage tax as long as you contribute. When the voice just fell, Bai Shuo picked up the microphone and silently inserted it. "The reason why Libra does the dual-coin design is actually because of this." Meng Yanfu does not change color. "I mean this, who is this thing?" I will do it first, I think it must be an internet company."

WechatIMG807 Why is the figure, the person in charge of the blockchain of the Shanghai Stock Exchange?

The guest who spoke later was He Ding . He expressed his views on two aspects.

In the short term, each has its own business, because now the entire market of the blockchain has just begun, there will be some cooperation with each other;

In the long run, they will be mutually integrated and each find their own division of labor , just like a bank doing business like loans. Hospitals use medical treatment. Ant Financial provides basic technical support, similar to such a social division of labor. If there are many blockchains in the future, the value of the blockchain cannot be reflected. Blockchain value is to connect everything together, reduce communication costs, and reduce information exchange costs.

WechatIMG810 The picture shows Bai Shuo, former chief engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The guest who spoke last was Bai Shuo . "The peach blossoms are full of rivers and red, and the hash is ordered." The "old cannon" of the scientific and technological community first raised a question to the audience:

How many members of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau?

Without waiting for the audience to react, he asked himself, "Sometimes it is 5, sometimes it is 7, sometimes it is 9. Why is this number? One is because of the singular, one is because of the vote. He immediately pointed out that in cognitive psychology, the average person's short-term memory capacity is about 7 ± 2, that is, between 5-9 .

He said that

If there is a digital entry on the phone, the frequently used APP will not exceed this limit. If you admit this, you can reach the number of long tails on a global scale, and you can still stay on the interface of the mobile device. The digital interface can leave a huge thing, that is, traffic is king.

At this stage, I am optimistic about Internet companies . But this is not the end, because with the advancement of technology, Ali is very fond of talking about technology in the middle. We see a possibility that the central Taiwan is decentralized. If the middle office is decentralized, it means that the middle office can be federal. If the middle office is a federal system, it means that the platform company has no future, or that the data is going back, the platform is left, and the company is dissolved . Therefore, I believe that the traffic must be king. The APP interface of everyone's entrance must be an astronomical number. Only one billion of this level is meaningful and can be left behind.

Second, behind this thing is the decentralized middle platform. This central Taiwan may have the participation of traditional banks. There may be the participation of Internet companies. There may also be the participation of blockchain startups. , jointly operate this middle platform. This middle school is not owned by one. The data of the middle office is their own, but they are in the form of a coalition, a federal form, and finally present the most eye-catching APP on the interface. This is the future.

(The guest speakers are only personal opinions and do not represent any institutional position)