Meng Qingguo of Tsinghua University: Blockchain technology can solve the problem of corporate data abuse

According to Xinhuanet, it is a consensus to collect data and share data faster and more, so that the masses have less “running legs”. When enterprises ask government departments to “share” data, some people will ask if there are any regulations. ? How can we ensure that shared data is not abused by companies? In response to the above problems, Meng Qingguo, a professor at the School of Public Administration of Tsinghua University, said that smart contract technology and blockchain technology may be a solution to clarify the data rights and responsibilities of the affiliation, users and shared exchanges of data through smart contracts. The chain technology records and stores the data exchange process, in which the government service data management department acts as an approval, scheduling, coordination, and arbitration, and traces responsibility for departments that do not store, maintain, and use data according to the rules.