Is the EOS overseas community “dead”? Can the grapefruit suffer from internal and external problems soon? Don't worry, maybe not as weak as you think.

Recently, many people in the community have found a disappointment with EOS, including some old grapefruit powder, some nodes, and even the earlier EOS “Milk” began to show negative aspects.

There have been a lot of problems in the EOS main online line for more than a year . At present, it can be said that “internal and external troubles” have led many people to think that it may soon fall below the top ten market value .

But don't worry, the author thinks that it is still in its early stages, perhaps not as weak as you think. As long as the EOS community is willing to be rational, face up and solve various problems, it will still shine.

(PS: Sections 01 and 02 below are high-energy. Some people can't say that EOS is bad. The grapefruit powder can be skipped, starting directly from 03, but still hope that everyone in the EOS community can face the problem, after all, as many people have said. , EOS is still a child, we need to give it time?)

EOS's well-known overseas community is "dead"? ? ?

"Look, what's wrong with this overseas community of EOS?"

Recently, a grapefruit iron powder A (a pseudonym) suddenly said on WeChat: "It has been on EOS for a long time, and I am very anxious to go to see the progress and situation of EOS. Before the result, the media often mentioned the EOSgo overseas community. This is the case."

Open this EOS overseas community EOSgo (, after pulling down the forum homepage, I was shocked by the chin…

I have an ominous premonition. I continue to look down and find that psoriasis advertisements are mainly concentrated in a discussion section. A total of more than a thousand pages of "illegal psoriasis" have been released, and it has already been released as early as July 6.

For so long, no one is managing! Unmanaged! I seem to have heard the desperate voice of the former iron powder…

what does this mean? Has EOS, an overseas community, officially declared death? If you don't know the EOSgo community, please forgive me for the fuss, but please be aware that it has an important place in EOS's entire global community:

About the community

1. Always known as the world's oldest and largest EOS community

Although it is said so, I always feel that it is really not very popular, perhaps it is not bad overseas.

2. The only community that has an early resident of Block.One's then vice president, Thomas Cox, posted a discussion in the community on issues such as super-node campaigns, voting rules, and constitution drafting updates. According to the latest data from the station, Thomas registered the community as early as December 22, 2017, and sent dozens of posts, and the domain name of this website was registered in November 2017. The community's administrator, Kev, is registered the day before Thomas: December 21, 2017. Explain that the influence of the community at that time was still very large.

3. The community participated in organizing many related issues in the EOS SuperNode election

Before the super-node campaign, the community would conduct a weekly weekly report on the candidate nodes registered in EOSgo, starting with a score of 6 and then changing to 8 points (that is, reviewing the qualification of the super node, wanting to participate in the super node) Node candidate information and node technical solutions must be provided as required, and EOSgo scores based on the completeness of the node information).

At the time, when the media reported on the EOS campaign, most of them quoted the weekly data of the community. When many nodes publicized, they also said that they were the super node candidates who passed EOSgo by 6 points.

I said to Xiao A: "Don't worry, maybe it's just an omission of management."

"Can you be in a hurry? The loss is too fast to support!" Xiao A said helplessly. "A group of friends said that they lost more than 10 million on EOS, which is still relatively small….. ."

What happened to the EOS overseas community that was accidentally “dead”? Perhaps it is revealing that the problems that the EOS community may face are really not simple…

EOS's "internal and external troubles"

Internal worry

a. Centralization , whales and super nodes

First of all, this seems to be an open secret. As a whale, even if it is stipulated that no bribery is allowed, the trading platform and the mining pool, which are super nodes, are both referees and athletes. There is nothing to prevent them from pursuing the path of maximizing their own interests .

We see that the first EAO income of the first node of the candidate node and the last one of the super node are far apart, so it becomes a block node, and the voting method of one vote and 30 votes makes the whales directly "unity" and vote for each other. Alliance? Sorry, you go down.

Secondly, there are also many people who say that EOS super nodes are almost all Chinese control nodes. On this point, the author is really not surprised. If it is said that "unity", the Chinese are ranked second, it seems that no one dares to rank first.

Many “rule-keeping” overseas nodes naturally cannot compete. So, in the EOS ecosystem, you will find that the participation of overseas communities is not high, which may be one of the main “death causes” of the EOSgo community mentioned above.

b. Many promises that have not been fulfilled and dragged

There are too many similar promises, such as the millions of TPS that were promoted in the early days, the official wallet in the drag, the DEX, the UBI, and so on. The millions of TPS that were publicized in the early days were often taken out to talk about things, and now I simply don't mention this.

c. is accused of not acting

The CEO's mother and sister were appointed as executives, and almost became a family business. The official rarely promoted it, causing many people to think that EOS's overseas heat is actually not as good as the wave field.

d. Pick a very difficult, burnt social application track

If you pin your hopes on 's new project, Voice , there will definitely be a lot of people pouring cold water. First of all, has no advantage in this field, and it is extremely difficult to develop in the social field, and it takes a lot of money and time. So many people say that now has the energy to have time and money to go to the sea to socialize. Application, it is better to do EOS infrastructure and governance.

Regarding social, we simply know the domestic examples: Wealth, China Mobile’s Fetion, massive user Xiaomi’s Micha, NetEase and China Telecom’s easy letter… all trying to compete with Tencent in the social field. It’s a “dead road” and it’s useless to burn more money.

And we can still dream of with a total of more than one million EOS users with a total of more than one million registered users to start a VOICE social application, and then punch Facebook?

e. Retreat of retail community nodes and ecological projects

As you can see, if you use a picture to describe the early EOS accolades and express the ALL In EOS ecology, but now it is retreating from the various milk kings and project parties:

In the past, when I was milking EOS, I was completely dissatisfied with all kinds of praises, like the "sworn" between couples. It’s not the same now, is it called “Mrs. Cow”?

We can see that in the early EOS main online line, the first super nodes were mainly voiced in various channels. Many people thought that if they were not the joint efforts of the super nodes, there would be no such hot EOS today.

Let's review the first list of super nodes that are working hard on the EOS main online line:

EOS Canada, EOS Authority, eosDAC, EOS New York, EOS Cannon, EOS Cafe Calgary, EOS42, EOS Bitfinex, LiquidEOS, EOS Cypherglasss, EOS-Huobipool, EOS Gravity, EOS Argentina, EOSYS, EOS Rio, EOS SW /eden, EOS Beijing, EOSeoul, EosStore, MEET.ONE, EOS Asia

Compared with the current list of EOS super nodes, we will find that the first batch of overseas super nodes are mostly squeezed out (as already mentioned), and the two nodes that I pay special attention to and attention to:

EOS Gravity Area – 60 EOS Korean Community EOSYS – 60 Out

One is a popular Korean community, and it is also a browser and a wallet. It also often hosts EOS Korea Meet-up in South Korea, and the other is the EOS Gravity Area, which was the loudest in China at the time (the vernacular blockchain has previously voted for candidate nodes) .

The support of the EOS Gravity Zone is one of the best. The community organized by the Gravity District can be said to be one of the most popular EOS communities in the country (and of course they are proud to call themselves the world's largest EOS community). The organization is a gathering place for retail investors, and it represents the will of retail investors.

There is also a community that is not on the list of the first super nodes. EOS has not yet come online, indicating that it is the first ONO community to support the EOS ecosystem. The founder also high-profile claims to participate in the super-node campaign. The result is very realistic…. It has already been transferred to the embrace of the MIXIN public chain. Now, when these communities are “famous in the mountains”, how can community organizers continue to operate?

Coupled with the previous overseas community, it has to be thought-provoking that the EOS retail community has lost ground. EOS's online voice is mostly concentrated in the hands of whales. Is it good or bad?

2. External troubles

In fact, there are a lot of premise. For now, ETH 2.0 and Boca, plus Cosmos are definitely the most powerful killers of EOS in the future . Many people are also dissatisfied with this. Although BM said, by the time ETH 2.0 goes live, EOS's TPS has already exceeded it many times.

This sentence seems to be simple and straightforward, but in fact many people know that EOS and ETH 2.0 or Boca will not be a dimension project at that time.

EOS is currently recognized as a way to commercialize blockchains through weak centralization. ETH 2.0 and Boca, Cosmos are a solution to improve the expansion of the "fish and bear's paw" without reducing the decentralization.

EOS may not be that weak

1. No problem is really big problem

Indeed, we have seen a lot of problems with EOS in the previous article, and some problems are still very serious. But have you found out that, wherever there are various problems that can occur frequently and constantly, and there are still no deaths, most of them are mainstream projects?

Stronger than Bitcoin , it has been "questioned" for ten years. What kind of mine is centralized, slow, not expanding, rigid, and too "weak chicken", the community is still divided, and the forks are one after another.

Since the release of Ethereum, the various problems that have been blamed have still been realized. It is still so slow. Running a smart contract on PoW may be a wrong decision.

From the beginning to the end , the Ripco coin is called the most centralized, not a blockchain project…

The above three major currencies, despite the many problems, they not only live very well, but also the top three market value per year, why?

It is because they are too hot and the consensus is too high, they will be found various problems, and those that have no consensus and no heat, it is estimated that no one will find the problem. When the project finds the problem, it is basically Already ill.

There are so many problems with EOS. In the end, we can only see how the EOS community,, and super nodes will reach a sensible consensus in the future.

2. On the value of the public chain, EOS ecology still has a leading edge

In the front of the vernacular blockchain to discuss the best three giants ETH , Boca, C osmos in the future public chain ecology, many readers and friends expressed their message that the author did not take EOS with the "strong" dissatisfaction !".

Of course, the EOS's ecological progress rate is the fastest in all public chains in the past year. Everyone has a common vision. This development rate is faster than Ethereum, and there is no public chain at present.

So at present, the market value, how many of the public chains that can come up in the short term, can be stronger than EOS? Boca, Cosmos is still early? If EOS is now a child, then their ecology is still in the infant stage. Even if they are expected to rise, they will quickly fall back. It is not enough to air the top ten and squeeze EOS down.

And the husband's chain, the slow progress of the ADA and the negatively entangled wave field need not be mentioned. Therefore, the author believes that in the short term, or at least half a year, the top ten status of EOS is stable, and the EOS community still has time.

3. China is the most active blockchain community base camp, it is not surprising to dominate EOS

We have seen overseas communities “dead”, but China’s EOS community does not have this problem, but it still cannot avoid the “side effects” of the bear market. Indeed, many people who were originally active have left the market without paying attention.

But we can still see that the most active communities and nodes in the world are in China, others are busy withdrawing, and the Chinese nodes have done a lot of things for the EOS big ecology, from the main online line to the follow-up investment. Development and application technology development.

For example, when overseas communities began to operate negatively, the EOSLaoMao node often subsidized the vernacular blockchain to do various popular science activities; the EOS Wiki node that also brought benefits to the vernacular community partners was just acquiring the EOS browser ; EOS side The chain Fibos is still actively exploring cross-chain solutions to bring more expansion to the EOS ecosystem.

The EOS Chinese community and the nodes have made great efforts to make a big difference. At this time, has been accused of inaction. Sometimes we really doubt that the EOS China node and the Chinese community are the real project parties of EOS.

Is it strange that the Chinese dominate the EOS node? Really not surprising.

4. EOS may be a good solution for a long time.

If the optimal state of the blockchain or human organization is "complete decentralization," but the ideal is ultimately ideal, the elimination of the central organization is unlikely to be done in the next few decades. At least at this stage, EOS is an excellent blockchain commercial solution.

If you say that ETH2.0 is coming out and the wave card is out, EOS has no value, so it is not right. ETH 2.0 and Boka have not been online yet. Not to mention it, the complexity is quite high, and this assumption is still set on the premise that EOS has been stagnating.

In fact, EOS is also constantly developing. With the current development speed of EOS, if the community governance and consensus mechanisms are optimized accordingly, it may not be possible to fight with them at that time.

5. There are certain natural factors in the new and old replacement of the project or node.

Whether it is the domestic retail community or, if we regard it as an entrepreneurial project, in a big ecology, if someone runs successfully, some people will fail to operate, and they cannot fully push the responsibility to the whale centralization problem.

There are many factors that kill a project, both externally and internally. Therefore, everyone should understand the natural phenomenon that the new community in this ecology comes to the old community. Just like Bitcoin and the Ethereum community, there are splits, runaways, and ugly names. Everyone shouts…. .

6. About the accusation of

The team did work, but it did not do satisfactorily, especially in overseas marketing, and governance was a mess. Of course, these should be the things that the community can handle together. We can't expect the official team to take full responsibility. Compared with the enthusiasm of the Boca team , which has come to the country for many times , needs to review, why everyone says EOS so many things. Are all super nodes doing?


Objectively speaking, the problem of the EOS super-node alliance that many people are worried about does require the community to continue to seriously discuss it. I believe that for the development of EOS, the concessions will give in to the super nodes, and should also shoulder the heavy burden and bear the burden. This negative responsibility and positive layout have driven overseas communities to actively participate in the EOS ecological construction.

As many people say, EOS is still a child, please let it go. Every project is not born strong. At present, besides the bitcoin that has lived for ten years, all others are innovators and experimenters. We need to look at various problems rationally, give EOS a little time, and also give blockchains. a little time.


『Declaration : This article is the author's independent point of view, does not represent the vernacular blockchain position, and does not constitute any investment advice or advice. You are not allowed to reprint any third party without the permission of the “Baihua Blockchain” source.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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