The Sino-Singapore international cold chain product trading platform has settled in Chongqing, and the platform uses blockchain and other technologies to penetrate the entire business.

According to the Chongqing Daily News, on July 25, Singapore Dezun Investment Co., Ltd. and Andao Yilian (Chongqing) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. signed an agreement in Chongqing Zhongxin Demonstration Project Management Bureau, the two sides will jointly build a new international cold chain in Chongqing. Product trading platform. At the technical level, the platform will use blockchain, big data and other technologies to penetrate all aspects of the business, enabling data monitoring and cold chain multimodal transport services to be monitored, traceable and efficient, and through the full chain information service capabilities for trade. Participate in empowerment, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs, and promote international trade facilitation.