Opinion: BCH's SLP-token is entering an outbreak period and will become the largest application scenario of BCH in the future.

BCH enthusiast BruceLee issued a message saying that at the end of August 2018, the SLP protocol (Simple Ledger Protocol) was born. Because of its simple function (can only send tokens), it has not received much attention. By February 2019, BCH light wallet electron cash launched the electron cash SLP version. When this first SLP dedicated wallet comes out, the average person can actually use the SLP to send the token. Since then, a number of serious tokens have been created one after another. These tokens have generated dozens of transactions per day, some hundreds of times. In the most recent month, SLP's token trading volume has soared and it seems to be entering an outbreak. The average daily trading volume of SLP has risen from more than 200 times a month to more than 900 times in these days. Correspondingly, in the world's largest BCH forum r/btc, you can see a lot of posts about SLP, and more and more foreigners are starting to use SLP. Of course, most domestic users are focused on speculating, and the response to this is relatively slow. The proportion of SLP is very low. At the end of the article, it is bold (reasonable) to predict that more than 50% of trade fairs will be related to SLP in the next six months to one year. In a few years, SLP's daily trading volume will exceed one million or even more than 10 million times, which will become the biggest application scenario of BCH.