IndImm Developer: The goal of the project is not to harm Ripple, XRPL or the community

IndImm announced this week that it has released a beta version of the messaging protocol on the Ripple blockchain, which was criticized by members of the Ripple community. IndImm developers say their projects have two intents: against censorship and seeing that cryptocurrencies actually have value. They chose Ripple for this particular experiment because they wanted to choose a blockchain with "solid track record, community and visibility." Developers say they are seriously considering allegations that their work may threaten Ripple's survival. “Many node operators told me that they were very worried… I think the biggest problem is storage and processing costs.” Developers also acknowledge that some criticism has forced them to evaluate whether to continue developing the application. "My goal is not to hurt Ripple, XRPL or the community. I don't want this to be a by-product."