Baidu Super Chain Team: Blockchain brings more innovations and enhances the credibility of traceability information.

On July 27th, at the "developer face-to-face" hosted by Baidu Super Chain College, Baidu Super Chain Team said: "Although the blockchain has brought new possibilities to solve the pains of the traceability industry, the whole solution is still in development. Stage: Different from the high-profile subversiveness of industries such as finance, the blockchain brings more innovative innovations to the industry and enhances the credibility of traceability information. Therefore, Baidu's super-chain traceability solution has the following characteristics: 1. District Blockchain is not alone, blockchain + AI + IOT equipment (chip) is the source of the top; 2. Blockchain traceability has a strong marketing value, low-cost access, loud marketing, talent Help enterprises to maximize the value of the traceability of the blockchain; 3. The construction of the blockchain judicial system realizes the real-time verification of traceability data and enhances the credibility of data.