Baidu Super Chain Senior R&D Engineer: XuperChain has open source four core patent technologies with four advantages

Babbitt reported on the 27th, on July 27th, at the "developer face-to-face" hosted by Baidu Super Chain College, Zheng Qi, a senior research and development engineer, introduced that XuperChain has opened up four core patent technologies, which are respectively in-chain parallel technology and pluggable. Pull out the consensus mechanism, account authority system, and integrated smart contract. XuperChain has four technical advantages: First, the technology can be controlled by itself. As a self-developed blockchain technology, XuperChain has 140+ technology patents, which is more suitable for commercial application scenarios in China. Second, it is simple and easy to use. Support network, chain, smart contract fully online deployment, management and use, provide rich management and operation functions and a variety of blockchain SDK, development guide, greatly reduce the use threshold, easily supervise multiple blockchain networks; Third, the performance is excellent. Self-developed high-performance virtual machine, making resource consumption measurable, original in-chain parallel technology, can execute and verify contracts in parallel, and finally achieve 80,000 TPS transactions per second per chain, and the overall network can reach 200,000 TPS; Fourth, The infrastructure is resilient. Support DPOS, authorization consensus, PBFT three hot plug consensus mechanisms, support a variety of smart contract development languages, including Go, C + +, Solidity.