Analysis: SegWit payments accounted for a record high, or related to rising bitcoin transaction costs and lower Verblock usage

According to Coin Metrics, the median transaction cost of Bitcoin in US dollars broke through the stagnation for several months in April for $1,0, but in most of April, transaction costs were still below 1.00. Dollar. In May of this year, bitcoin transaction fees rose sharply, from $0.54 on May 1 to $2.36 on May 31. The proportion of bitcoin payments that enabled SegWit also rose from 40.41% on May 1 to 45.71% on May 18. As of the week, SegWit payments continued to climb steadily to record highs, while the proportion of bitcoin exchanges supporting SegWit rose from 35% to 41%. This small amount of data may convince some people that higher transaction costs cause Bitcoin users to look for SegWit-enabled wallets, but there is one key factor to consider, VeriBlock. It is reported that VeriBlock is a Bitcoin blockchain-based project designed to provide a higher level of security for the alternative chain. According to Veriblock's web statistics page, as SegWit payments are close to the highest level in history, at the time of writing, the proportion of Veriblock transactions is less than 10%. It is worth noting that since the increase in transaction costs, the increase in the proportion of SegWit payments has been somewhat close to the decline in VeriBlock's share of Bitcoin's daily transactions.