The US Internal Revenue Service warns that bitcoin causes a fall in the price of 7/27

The US Internal Revenue Service issued a warning letter to US digital currency holders. Akong felt that the price of the currency would be adversely affected by the negative impact, waiting for the double pin to bottom out.

The American people are not afraid of the president, not afraid of the government, and even less afraid of the Fed. Everyone is afraid of the IRS. The US taxation is very rampant. It is said that many people in the United States use digital currency to avoid tax. So every time the news of the US Internal Revenue Service comes out, the price of the currency will fall.

The last time the US Internal Revenue Service did something, on the night of 6.22, the IRS was reviewing the digital currency assets, and then the price of the currency fell, and then formed a double-pin trend, bottoming up.

For example, on May 5th, the US Internal Revenue Service announced that it will soon launch a digital currency guide. The price of the currency fell sharply, and then it formed a double-pin rebound.

Akong feels that the market is affected by the negative impact of the US national tax. After the rapid decline of the currency price, it is necessary to wait for the double pin to repair the market panic. At present, the market is still in a turbulent trend, and the upcoming hearings in the next two days are the real highlights.

Market analysis


The old trading platform BTC-e has been sued by the United States and there are regulatory expectations. Bitcoin entered the downtrend channel, and the volume of the currency fell below the shock box, and there must be a withdrawal. You can wait for the double pin to bounce and do short-term operation. As long as the currency price does not exceed the amount of 9182 US dollars, it will continue to fluctuate. The operation was dominated by the wait-and-see, and the BTC rose to test $9742.

Resistance level: 9742, 9986, 10245

Support level: 9346, 9182, 8937


LiquidApps introduced the EOS and ETH cross-chain services, extending the EOS trading ecosystem and playing a positive role in the currency price. EOS broke down, the amount can be amplified, and it is necessary to re-test the high point. Operationally wait and see, followed by EOS rose to test $4.42.

Resistance levels: 4.42, 4.56, 4.77

Support level: 4.29, 4.14, 3.88


The price of the currency fell below the shock box and entered the down market. The XRP is finely pinned at the key point of the M head to test the multi-head support. Operating on the sidelines, the next XRP rebound test was $0.314.

Resistance level: 0.314, 0.322, 0.332

Support level: 0.304, 0.298, 0.294


The price of the currency fell, and the below $85.6 was supported by the daily M head. As long as there is no more $85.6, it will return to the shock. Operationally wait and see, and then LTC shocked at $91.4.

Resistance level: 91.4, 94.6, 98.7

Support level: 85.6, 84.3, 82.3


Frequent ETHs have been transferred to the trading platform, and the short-selling expectations have led to a weaker currency, leading the decline in the mainstream currency market. The price of the currency is tested at the bottom of the support, and the rebound will continue the weak market. The operation was mainly on the sidelines, and then ETH was shocked at $211.4.

Resistance levels: 211.4, 217.4, 225.3

Support level: 203.5, 198.2, 188.4

Small coins:

BAT and SSP led the market. BAT was the strong support currency at the beginning of the year. Like LINK, when the mainstream currency fell to the bottom, it rose against the trend and often showed good performance when the overall price rose. From the perspective of platform currency, the platform currency represented by BNB began to fall against the trend, which has a negative effect on the small currency. At present, the market is only a profitable effect of the new currency, and the rest of the small currency linkage weakens the mainstream currency. Akong feels short-term, can do short-term operation of the new currency and mainstream currency, after the rebound, the profit will be reduced, the spot market will wait until the end of the month hearing. Give everyone a simple update and wish everyone a happy weekend.