Microsoft engineers propose a new model to use the Ethereum blockchain to "democratize" machine learning and artificial intelligence

According to CryptoSlate, Microsoft engineers are using the Ethereum blockchain to "democratize" artificial intelligence and machine learning, making these typical centralized and costly systems more accessible to everyone. According to Justin Harris, senior software development engineer at Microsoft, Ethereum smart contracts have the potential to fundamentally change the way machine learning and artificial intelligence models are designed. Harris said using well-designed machine learning algorithms can create problems because they tend to be centralized. So he introduced a new open source project for Microsoft: decentralization and collaborative AI on the blockchain. In the new model, Harris envisions incentives to motivate people to interact and improve with these machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are free to use to evaluate predictions, which is ideal for building a personal assistant or making a system with user recommendations. As a test, Microsoft developers have successfully built a model that can classify the emotions of movie reviews (positive or negative). At that time, the cost of updating the model on the Ethereum blockchain was only $0.25.