Bitfinex is dissatisfied with The Block’s report that “New York residents can continue to use the exchange through their identity options”

According to Bitfinex's official website, on July 26, local time, The Block reported that a New York-based Bitfinex account holder disclosed that although it is allegedly prohibited from trading in the United States, as an American user, only one option is required, claiming They are not residents of the United States and can continue to use the exchange. In this regard, Bitfinex responded in an official statement that it had contacted Frank Chaparro of The Block and had banned the accounts involved in the case and retained the right to report the matter and other fraudulent acts to the relevant authorities. At the same time, Bitfinex said: "We believe that, unfortunately, Mr. Chaparro prefers to be associated with these actions, and is not willing to actively help us expose and punish fraud on our platform. This 'grab the opportunity' behavior fully illustrates The real motives of him and other critics."