Three men set a bitcoin scam to get a profit of more than 150,000 yuan was sentenced

Article source: Ningbo Daily original title: "Three men set a bitcoin scam to profit more than 150,000 yuan was sentenced"

Investing in bitcoin, does it sound too high? As everyone knows, behind it is probably a trap designed by fraud groups. A few days ago, the Ningbo Ninghai procuratorate filed a public prosecution. The Ninghai court sentenced a telecom network fraud case. Three men were sentenced to a profit of more than 150,000 yuan for a bitcoin scam.

At the beginning of April 2018, Liu and Chen and Mao jointly planned the bitcoin trading business. Liu first purchased the website source code through the network, and then invited people to create the "Btc Club" platform and set up the server. At the same time, the advertisements were published on the WeChat public account and other media, and the victims were recruited.

Liu was responsible for recruiting victims on WeChat to enter the “Btc Club” platform registration, and then pulled them to WeChat group; Chen played a mentor to issue instructions to investment clients to guide them to recharge the bitcoin in the platform.

At the same time, the focus is on the customers who are unfamiliar with Bitcoin and can't invest in them. In order to convince customers, Mao uses multiple trumpet to pretend that he is an investor chatting in the group and publishing false profits. Screenshot. After the customer is in the heart, they can invest in the transaction when they enter the platform.

In September 2018, Ms. Ning Hai Cui saw this advertisement on WeChat and scanned the QR code with Liu WeChat. Ms. Cui sent a link through the customer service Liu, downloaded and entered the “Btc Club” platform registration, and was pulled into a WeChat group.

“The instructor will provide profit orders in the group every day, and issue instructions to let us investors follow him to buy up and sell. Many people often make profit screenshots in the group.” Ms. Cui can't resist the temptation to recharge with Alipay scan code. Go to the platform to buy Bitcoin. Because of repeated investment, she was unable to withdraw cash. Ms. Cui realized that she was likely to be fooled and reported the case to the public security organ.

After investigation, from April to September 2018, Liu and other three people defrauded the property by more than 150,000 yuan. On September 29 of the same year, three people were arrested and brought to justice by the public security organs. In the end, the court sentenced Liu, Chen and Mao to three years in prison for three years, six months to three years and three months, and imposed a fine.

" Investing in virtual currency is more of a speculative act . Investors should strengthen their risk prevention awareness and recognition capabilities. Do not involve money transactions without confirming the identity of the other party. Do not believe in low-risk, high-return investment products, especially Don't feel free to join unverified investment wealth management groups, which are often well-designed traps for telecommunications network scammers,” the prosecutor reminded.