Yan Lidong, President of the All-Union Mergers Association: Based on blockchain technology, encourage private enterprises to repair credit

According to Sina Finance News, on July 27th, the "Fifteenth Deshengmen Lecture Hall" hosted by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce was held in Beijing. Yan Lidong, the founder of the All-China M&A Association and the founding and managing partner of Shang Fai, said that the average life expectancy of Chinese private enterprises is 2.5 years. This is the statistical data of the PBOC. Private enterprises have not lived for three years. How can banks (banks) issue medium- and long-term loans? How can they reduce medium and long-term interest rates? Compared with international data, the United States is 8 years, Japan is 12-15 years, and the construction of Chinese private enterprises is even stronger. He believes that whether it can be based on blockchain technology, big data, and cloud computing, the technical basis of blockchain technology can solve this problem and encourage private enterprises to repair their own credit. Help enterprises to do a good job in credit repair, and solve the problem of financing difficulties and financing for SMEs.