Please ridicule our coins

It’s easy to laugh at the death of many coins. After all, it’s really stupid to buy Bitcoin and so on. It’s really no silly operation in the short-term operation. The contract is full of talent and wisdom.

In the rising market, the coin holders will be ridiculed by people who have leveraged and speculated other coins, saying that they have only got a little profit, and the profits in the big bull market are ridiculous, they can be several times a day.

During the market downturn, the coin holders will be ridiculed by short-sellers and those who run early in the short-term, saying that they have no brains to believe in bitcoin, bitcoin is returning to zero, and that bitcoin is believed, and that no brain belief is undesirable.

In short, you rarely see the money sneer taunting others, although every time the coin holders sincerely recommend that you do not speculate short-term, do not make futures, less trades and other suggestions will be considered ridiculous by the traders, full of hostility. They even gave us the name of "MLM", "God" and "Nothing to Get". We think that it is an unfavorable means for us to buy coins and wait for the people behind to buy Bitcoin to obtain wealth.

In fact, if you buy stocks and so on, buy a house, etc., or even buy a Moutai wine, you can not put on the logic of "getting it for nothing"? A quality asset, buying and holding awaiting appreciation, what is the problem?

On the other hand, many people think that the coin is very advanced, and that the coin is the "old god", but it is not, because you only see the surviving coin, or the "survivor deviation". Just as you can see that those "transaction masters" make money as easy to breathe, it is because you have not seen the blood flow of the futures market. Similarly, everyone who sees the coin seems to be a big man. In fact, it is possible to buy coins a few years ago, and then get the current people, perhaps no more than the number of people who can survive in the futures market.

It's all very difficult, but compared to making money in the futures market and the short-term market, the coin looks too simple.

It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous to think that it’s so good to make money.

Why? As long as you can get rich by holding Bitcoin, you will be free? Why?

So what kind of leeks do you think they can make money in the cruel to the extreme futures market and the short-term market?

Is the speculative coin a zero-sum game? No, it’s a negative game. How else would the tens of thousands of bitcoins in the quarter come from?

I have always said that you should not participate in the stock market. The reason is that in a market that is not booming, and you need to feed a lot of "food-eating class", then the bottom-level participants in this market – retail investors, are very difficult to earn. money's. Do not say anything else, the stock market of millions of practitioners, who will feed? So many financial institutions, brokers, banks, who earns money? Who is the wool?

Many people say that I am targeting A-shares. Actually, it is not. The global stock market is the same. For example, Hong Kong stocks that everyone thinks are quite good, the transcripts submitted last year were 83%:

Including high-quality companies that everyone is familiar with, Xiaomi, Meituan, Hujiang, etc., have all broken.

So participating in the stock market is an absolute negative game. I am optimistic that only 0.001% of people can make money in this fight.

Said far, and said back to our speculations and futures.

Why do we want to recommend that everyone "stupid" to swear coins and not to participate in these short-term games? After all, this is only exciting, which shows wisdom, which is unique.

The reason is very simple. Whether it is from historical experience or life experience, it shows that ordinary people engage in short-term and futures, and in all likelihood, they are all in the sand.

Don't worry about the joys of those "big gods", don't look at how accurate they are, don't look at how seamless their strategy looks.

So what are the real money making through these transactions? Yes, a lot, but they are hidden behind, you can't get in touch. Their legend, you can listen to it, you ask yourself, are you a genius? Is it the amount of money that is proud of the currency circle? Is it a bad luck? Is it possible to just fall off the cliff and meet the retreat? And the Supreme is willing to teach you peerless martial arts?

Let's just say, when you look at this picture, do you think you are a knife, or a dish?

I feel that if I go to trade, then I am a dish. If I am good at making money, then I am at least the board. Although I am often "cut", I can still live completely.

I don't expect that I will be the knife.

So please laugh at our coins, although I am not a "pure breed" coin party, but for ordinary people, I feel that good money, not to operate, must be your best choice.

As the old saying goes, "The drowning is all about water." If you lose money in the currency circle, you think you are a short-term god, right?