Nie Meisheng, Founding President of the All-China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce: Building a digital community based on digital currency and blockchain

According to Hexun News, on July 28th, at the Boao·21st Century Real Estate Forum, Nie Meisheng, the founding president of the All-China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and honorary president of the Tsinghua Alumni Real Estate Association, said, “What is thinking based on big data, based on numbers? Currency, where is the digital community in the blockchain, where is the solution based on community integration, where is the solution based on the original intelligent and intelligent system, we continue to collect these programs, we want to establish open, interconnected numbers Community cloud platform, who will do it. Now many people sign up, you can do cloud platform, you can design B and K well, we are very welcome, we carry out pilots of digital communities with various characteristics, different types of pilots, and finally form Certain standards are promoted and applied."