Blockstack Eco Development Partner: $2 million for Reg A+ approval is not a fee paid to the SEC

Xan Ditkoff, Snowstack Eco Development Partner, Decentralized Computing Network, said that Blockstack did not pay the SEC a penny when asked why the $2 million approved for Reg A+ was spent. The $2 million was spent. This process took about 10 months to draft the first SEC-approved ICO legal regulations, establish the first SEC-approved legal framework, and pay salaries for staff who worked hard in the process. He also pointed out that because Blockstack is the first project to conduct ICO under Reg A+ through SEC audit, it takes a long time to help the SEC understand this aspect; also because it is the first case, more for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Set a good example and not make mistakes, so it took a long time to polish and finalize the details.