Wu Mengxia, Senior Vice President of Matrixport: Security is a major obstacle to the widespread acceptance of encrypted assets by organizations

On the afternoon of July 28th, the 14th issue of Chainge Technology Salon – Breaking the Bureau: The new form of digital asset trading was held in Hangzhou Juju Caotang. Wu Mengxia, senior vice president of Matrixport, said that in 2018, digital assets were stolen by $2.2 billion and the exchange was stolen about $1.35 billion. Security is a protracted and silent war, and security issues, especially the lack of convenient and secure private key management services, have become a major obstacle to the widespread acceptance and use of encrypted assets by organizations. This is why Matrixport will launch the institutional currency currency escrow business. Hosting is the cornerstone, and Matrixport will also launch deals and lending.