[07.28] Waterfall and waterfall, where is the bottom?


Message surface

  • The US Internal Revenue Service is issuing a warning letter to the US cryptocurrency owner
  • Ren Zhengfei said that China can issue its own Libra
  • Sun Yuchen San Francisco Party and Buffy Buffet Luncheon: Coordinating Time
  • Grayscale research: More than one-third of US investors will consider investing in bitcoin

Crazy analysis:

In the past two days, there have been quite a lot of news, and it’s much more exciting than the disk. Everyone looked at the news and looked at the disk. The heart couldn’t help but be filled with the comfort of the leek.

Let's say that the United States wants to collect taxes on virtual currency not a day or two. In fact, the United States is still relatively kind. It is clear that tax collection and collection are all visible. Unlike other countries, it is clear that the tax is very low. Various tax breaks, in fact, the taxation pain index may already be the first in the world. As for the impact of tax collection in the United States, individuals feel that they are still limited to the exchange channel of the exchange. After all, the creation of the virtual currency is to take the underground passage, and only the centralized exchange is easy to be supervised.

Ren Zhengfei has nothing to say about Libra itself, but clearly shows the attitude of the old man. In the past two years, Huawei has made a lot of things. I believe that everyone has heard about it. Here I want to say that it is a positive private (backside ZF) outstanding enterprise. Home, Ren is still more conscience, the idea is still full of normal market economy thinking, of course, this is also related to his own position, after all, Huawei is still a private enterprise.

Sun Yuxi came and went every day for two weeks. To tell the truth, I saw so many people black and laughed at him. I really didn't want to join in the fun, so you didn't see me in the last two days. what. However, as a personal subject of the madness, the aunt is a typical type for unscrupulous means. Caixin.com also dares to swear. I really don’t know that the sky is thick, people say that you are wrong, you are black, and you are joking. The rules don't understand, it's still too young! Moreover, the whole statement was also very repetitive. First, people reported that the report was not true, and then apologized. Then they said that they would continue to find time to run the dinner. It’s really not to stop the flow of traffic. It seems that the advertising fee for 3000W lunch can’t be allowed anyway. It is a slap in the face, and Auntie is really a talented person.

Grayscale is a relatively reliable investment institution in the circle. Its research report is worthy of reference. Many people in the United States accept cryptocurrency. In the early 18th, they saw an entertainment program on the oil pipe. They interviewed a street vendor and asked. The problem is how to manage money, street vendors, cryptocurrency, which shows the degree of openness of the United States to cryptocurrencies.


Technical side

  • BTC (fall):

The last article said:

I bought from the 9300 points I suggested before, and everyone will find a small band down and almost return to the original point. This is why I didn't recommend Stud in the first place. If you want to do this band, then the shipping time is very good. Difficult to judge, because the time is too short, it is too late to judge.

And now, as I said in my last article, after the B-zone wash, it continues to fall. Why is there such a judgment? Amount of energy! In the absence of enough panic, the market is difficult to continue to go, either by volume, or by time, long-term grinding. In short, we must wash out without firmness. You might say: The panic index is 10+, not enough panic? I want to ask you about the algorithm of the panic index? Anyway, I don't know, so I can refer to this thing, don't be superstitious.

After we finished the previous summary, we continue to judge. Now that the market has entered the C range, I personally think that if it falls, it will form a rebound at the lower edge of C. Is it true that the bottom is still enough to see if the quantity is sufficient? Basically, the bottom of the stage will be formed. Some people may think that it is possible for the market to return directly to the upstream channel of Zone B from the current position of Zone C. Sorry, it is almost impossible in the near future, because the chuck is too fast in the first half of the year. It is normal for the entire disk to come out with a very ugly form. Here, the madman thinks that he only has to wait.

  • ETH (horizontal):

Review the last judgment:

From the trend of the ETH exchange rate, it is still in the downtrend channel. Whether there will be further pull-up depends on the trend of BTC. One thing is certain – BTC will not be violently pulled up in the short term, so the exchange rate of ETH will be relatively stable. Still recommending a fixed exchange rate. Now the biggest problem with ETH is that BTC has seized its market capitalization ratio. To be exact, BTC's pull-up is a booster that helps ETH pull up. The main problem facing ETH is still that the exchange has seized it. ETH should have a share, look at the trend of the mainstream platform currency as a dog, you know what is going on. But for the ETH ecosystem, we still have to be patient. After all, so many attempts to make progress in technology may have endless potential in the future.

  • BCH (fall)

Review what I said before:

Corrected here, the last time I said the original intention is that BCH's technical innovation is incomparable with ETH. Because of the erroneous writing of BCH technology seems to be better, I apologize to everyone here. ETH's technological innovation is clearly second to none in the currency circle. There is no doubt that BCH is just a rich company behind it.

BCH/BTC still maintains the trend of mainstream currency, but now it is much more ugly than ETH. The down channel still does not touch the upper edge, the amount of energy is not enough, the company's development is confusing, the policy trend will have zero risk at any time , personal advice Do not touch at this stage.

  • EOS (fall)

The EOS exchange rate still has nothing to say, and the trend is even worse than BCH. After the recent rebound, it fell again. Personally, there is a sideways period.

  • Altcoin

Still, the platform currency is in the lead, and OKB and HT have all gone out of a good trend. As for BNB, I said very early on that it is difficult to break through the previous high, so it is doomed to its recent downturn, and GT’s words are not enough. Without the meaning of changing the rules, then the GT has a theoretical ceiling. If the GT continues to do so, take a part of the wool!

in conclusion:

  1. BTC and linkage currency are more likely to fall in the short term, and the mainstream is concerned with ETH;
  2. The platform currency is still strong and can continue to lick wool;
  3. Small market capital altcoin is not yet available.


risk warning

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