Bitcoin plunged 600 dollars in short-term, it was the main opportunity to flee


The price of Bitcoin plummeted more than 600 US dollars in one hour. The reason was that the main fund fled. In just 2 hours, the main capital outflow reached 674 million. After the domestic and foreign funds have experienced a plunge, they have shown different attitudes…

K-line technology research

Bitcoin’s price suddenly fell from more than 10,000 US dollars to more than 9,400 US dollars yesterday, and the technical pressure fell back sideways. And we analyze from the face of funds, you can see the time of the plunge market in a light warehouse, the net outflow of the main fund reached 674 million, it is not difficult to see that the main force fled and caused the price to plummet. Domestic and foreign funds also showed differences. Domestic funds took the opportunity to enter the currency market and entered the market to speculate. Foreign investors held a cautious attitude and the funds showed an outflow phenomenon.

So I think. In terms of operation, try to be short-term and avoid market risks.


I. Analysis of capital flow

(Data from aicoin)

As of 10:00 this morning, BTC's overall capital flow, the main net inflow of -1,148 million, retail net inflow of +10 million. The main fund on the weekend showed an outflow phenomenon, while the retail investors did not move. Explain that the main force has the opportunity to flee over the weekend and hope investors pay attention.

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Concerned about the 34-hour main increase and decrease of warehouse changes, from 5 pm to 7 pm yesterday, the main net outflow reached -6.74 billion, while the price fell from 10050 US dollars to 9450 US dollars, plummeted 600 US dollars an hour, it is not difficult to notice that it is funds Escape and help down the price.

Concerned about the 24-hour data, the net inflow of USDT reached +12.44 billion, indicating that domestic investors had high speculative sentiment on weekends and took the opportunity to enter the market. The net inflow of USD reached -19.49 billion, indicating that foreign investors kept the weekend bitcoin market. A cautious attitude, funds flow out of the currency market.

Second, K-line technology judgment


The BTC price is 4 hours. It can be clearly seen from the figure that the yellow line position of 10,200 US dollars is the important price pressure of the current price. The price of the price was once again rushed to test the key pressure yesterday morning, but the bulls have insufficient potential energy and quickly fall back after the pressure level is consolidating. Next, I think the focus of attention is how to choose the price at this position, is the fall of the test before the low point of $ 9,060, or a callback on the wave!

BTC small-level 15 minutes trend can be seen, yesterday night price plunged at the bottom out of the shock range, this range on the upper rail 9550 US dollars, the lower rail near 9350 US dollars. The focus of today's attention, I think that focus on a few points in time, such as 5 pm, 7 pm, etc., at the critical time point, the price broke out of this shock zone!


The ETH4 hour line level can be found in the figure. After the price dropped from more than 100 US dollars to 318.84 US dollars from the 318 US dollars, the exit triangle form at the bottom. At 10 am on Sunday, the price has been in ink for a while near the lower rail of the convergence triangle. The next focus of attention, I think that is the price is to touch the lower rail support after the callback rebound, and then try to get on the rail; or break below the lower rail support! The aggressive layout can be selected in operation, and the support is effective.

Operational reference:

In terms of operation, I believe that: BTC spot has not yet reached a critical low point (can focus on the 25th article), so the operation is mainly on the sidelines.

Contract operation, today's rallies layout empty orders, focus on the position of 9600 US dollars near the light warehouse layout empty orders, stop loss attention above the 9750 US dollars, the target position near 9400-9350 dollars. Personal advice, for reference only.

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