Leo Su, General Manager of BiKi.com Assets: A new mechanism for new assets and new traffic will create a new head exchange

On the afternoon of July 28th, the 14th issue of Chainge Technology Salon – Breaking the Bureau: The new form of digital asset trading was held in Hangzhou Juju Caotang. Leo Su, general manager of BiKi.com's assets, said in sharing that the exchange will be the financial center of the world. New assets, new flows, and new mechanisms will create a new head-end exchange. Biki is a cutting-edge exchange that specializes in capturing new traffic in the industry, such as designing community, traffic, cities, strategies, sponsorships, and more. Its platform currency BIKI has set up a new mechanism of "extreme deflation", totaling 1 billion pieces, and will eventually destroy the repurchase to 100 million.