Xorder.ai founder Tao Rongzhen: Gold and Bitcoin meet risk aversion, and small currency represents future, hope and prosperity

On the afternoon of July 28th, the 14th issue of Chainge Technology Salon – Breaking the Bureau: The new form of digital asset trading was held in Hangzhou Juju Caotang. Xrong.ai founder Tao Rongzhen shared that he had several thoughts during this cycle. 1. The blockchain development progress is slow; 2. Bitcoin is more popular than the generalized economy; 3. In addition to bitcoin and transactions, No one approves the certificate; 4, the market is still full of funds, Ponzi; 5, BTC Dominance continues to rise, has reached 60%; 6, the value of the certificate? Is there a future? “Gold and bitcoin meet risk aversion, and small currencies represent the future, hope and prosperity. The cycle of the pendulum is moving towards conservation.”